Monday, January 28, 2019

The nature of Justice

True justice must often appear to be like a snake in the vain eyes of mankind, for it seems to move in strange directions to reach it’s goal if it is to avoid being entrappped by too limited a focus.

Like a snake, justice needs to shed it’s skin in order to grow, to progress recreating itself in a greater form. It cannot be confined by what was.

Like a cobra, justice will rear up and appear to be manipulated by the passing power of men’s egos.

Until it surges forward and all that try to obstruct it, perish.      


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I have heard people talk of 'bitterness' with what is being done to ensomkommande barn,(young Afghan asylum seekers who came to Sweden at the invitation of 2 Swedish Prime Ministers and who now are homeless,penniless and likely to be deported to the war zone hell that is Afghanistan)
to which I say:

you can learn more about this here:

and facebook here:
Se-asylum scandal
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This is about the regulatory and legal scandal surrounding the issue of under 18 (when they arrived and applied) asylum seekers in Sweden, especially ...

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Seldom in life are we offered the privilege to venture out of our comfort zone with real meaning.
Seldom in life are we given the opportunity to fully materialise our basis beliefs.

This blog has been a little quiet as my main focus has been in fighting to help a young Afghan refugee who came to Sweden at age 15 to seek asylum.

So appalled and horrified I have been to discover the Sweden I thought existed /and have loved for 30+ years) was no more than a bedtime story for complacent children and it's repeated claims to be a just society no more than fairy tales.

There is a simple principle about one-ness. 

It is not possible to turn away from a need that involves life or death.

It is not possible to allow injustice to kill hope.

It is not possible to stand aside whilst lies and fraud, clothed in the power of the State, overrule TRUTH.

So if you have an interest in this struggle, you can find volumes of factual provable evidence at this website:

and also at my Sweden blog, here:

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