Monday, August 29, 2016

all that glitters is not gold….

But in this case the shiny golden looking thermal wraps embrace immigrants rescued from the Mediterranean. In this case the great human (godlike) attribute of overwhelming compassion

is what wraps these desperate people.

all that glitters is not gold

The really great thing here is that all the arguments about religions, politics,wars, rights and wrongs – all have been subjugated in favour of the most important reason of all – saving human life.

The rest of the prattle,waffle and arguments can come later…for now, the priority is rescue, saving life.

Here lies the greatest challenge to the major religions and religio/politico powers in this world. Here is the yardstick by which your integrity and understanding of the One God shall be measured:   when you place the God-given preciousness of life above all else, then, and only then, can you claim to have heard the voice of God, the voice of humanity, the voice of decency.


photo sourced via the where a brilliant article can also be read

Saturday, August 06, 2016

loving the unloved


Spotlight on “Spotlight”

For those readers who are still trying to understand the exact nature of the self-destructive pathology of the Catholic Church (one of uinnumerable ‘religious’ mutlinational orgs) in relation to Paedophile scandals, this superb factual film dramatisation will help.

spotlight caption

Let me be clear, it is not my purpose to try and destroy or attack anyone’s faith in God. I will, however, continue to attack those who, by manipulation,fraud and  with criminal intent, seek to lessen the message of unconditional love which I see as the primary catalyst in all the major religions.