Sunday, November 18, 2001

18th November 2001 22-30 CET
Tickets please!
Ever had that situation where you were going on a journey and
you packed so much stuff your suitcase was almost as heavy as you?

Or that situation where you had heard so much about a place from
others you thought you better visit too?

All that preparation, all that planning, all that excitement, all that
humping the case around?

When you get there you find you don't need most of the stuff in the
suitcase, huh? Or that the place wasn't quite what you'd imagined it to be,

Well, I got this feeling about 'eschatology'¨( a word from the Greek
eskhatos meaning last and generally used by theologians/religious
students to refer to "The Doctrine of death, judgement, heaven, hell")
that it's kinda like the suitcase and the anticipated 'place to visit'.

Many religions seem to feel the need to either promise us everything we
can dream of (providing we have 'pure' dreams, pure being by their definition)
in the 'afterlife' or to tell us that we are 'working off our karma from previous lives
in this life'. Either way we get the old..and I mean old....guilt/sin/shame equation,
don't we, huh? Now these images, allegories, mini-concepts were fine a
thousand or so years ago. Maybe even a hundred years ago.
They conveyed a message that urged people to look beyond the immmediacy
of their 'physical senses'. But to pursue such intransigent ideas today is to limit
the unconditionality of 'the lovingness'.

Well, how's about we came into this life experience for the sheer 'fun of it',
for the pleasure of the experiencing of even the pain of the experiencing -
for, spiritually speaking, these two imposters are the same, two sides of
the same equation, both are necessary for the equation to function ?

Do we really need to hear that we will be punished, in some life or another,
for not being as 'God dictates we must be' ? For that very statement is
a denial of the lovingness that birthed us with the precious gift of
'free choice in this life'.

Indeed, such heaven/hell/karma/judgment types of eschatology really
don't have a place in the 'lovingness of the Oneness'.

By definition - though it's sometimes hard for us to accept when we
see some of the terrible things that occur in this world - by definition...
Infinite Love is infinitely UNconditional.

Except.....oh there's gotta be an 'except' hasn't there - if you really love
someone you never, ever seek to hurt them in any way whatsoever.
If, in your need; if in your human-ness, you do hurt them...don't you
soon know it, deep inside? And who does it hurt most?

When we are less than we know we are......we hurt ourselves most, huh?
Hmmm... we can even do that when we pretend to be more than we really
are, hehehe.

I have seen that it's better to leave the theological baggage behind, instead
of humping all that heavy weight around. I have found it's better to enjoy
the 'now' of this journey than to loose all the experience of the wonderful
'spiritual scenery'' that's here by anticipating some destination in the

That's just my view...but, hey, you got your own pathway to travel,
your own scenery to view, huh? :):) You got your ticket....first class..
first class lovingness. :):)

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