Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Indivisibility of Integrity
In the article mentioned in the previous blog entry,Roger Cohen used a very
interesting phrase 'the indivisibility of integrity'

Indivisibility: incapable of being divided,split,seperated
integrity: "One can describe a person as having integrity to the extent that everything that that person does derives from the same core set of values. While those values may change, their consistency with each other and with the person's actions determine the person's degree of integrity.
Some commentators stress the idea of integrity as personal
honesty: acting according to one's beliefs and values at all times" Wikipedia

Thus it was well said that 'by their fruits ye shall know them",in other words a person's actions manifest their core values, their personal beliefs,their honesty, their respect for others.
Here is a fool-proof system for assessing the validity of another's words, be it a priest,politician,guru,imman, - indeed anyone.

It is in our actions and inter-actions that we define our own self-belief, our own self-standard. Therefore it was also said "to thine own self be true". Compromise your standards of self and you cease to be yourself but become shaped and formed by the desires and/or standards of others.

We have only ONE responsibility in life. To be the best 'self' that we can be as defined by our OWN standards.
When we allow our spirit to speak to our consciousness - and this voice is heard above all other voices - we bear only the fruits of lovingness