Thursday, May 12, 2005

Royal visits

I dreamt that one day
into the humble place I call my home
Came a royal family
whose graciousness and dignity shone
more brightly than the summer’s noonday sun

The brightness of their shining
was the humility of their ways;
The warmth of their beaming
was the lovingness of their days:
and we were blessed by their rays.

Yet, soon we came to see
our reflected higher self,
for in such spiritually royal company
we removed from mundanity’s shelf
the soul we hid for fear of ridicule.

Glad, therefore, with joy and truth
we see the self-governed soul
that rests within it’s centred self
loves all alike, the whole
that is the realm of Yukta.
The peaceful kingdom of Nirvana

One-ness is a dream of a reality.