Tuesday, March 01, 2005

for E - these are the words you read here at the house:

It is an incredible experience...this living, this "being within this reality" experience.Surrounded by countless, countless aspects of creativity we are, each one of us, beholding each image, each second in a consciousness, that is beyond imaginings. It is not an imagining but rather a realising, an awareness, a recognition of the interdependence of all life. An awareness that recognises that even in the recognising we are an integral and important aspect of this creativeness which is, in itself, the multitudinous expression of the Oneness.Even one cloud is a compilation of billions of vapourising droplets each an integral part of the whole.What is a lake without all it's droplets or a tree without it's leaves? All is the Oneness - A visible, tangible expression of the process we call life: itself a visible tangible expression of a thing, a core concept, that we call love.

Love is all there is and everything, every thing, is a symbiotic expression of love.I should write, in all humility, that I do not know what love is...but can list many things that it is not. This would not be true.Love is the wonder, the amazingly concentrated awareness, that all, all is an aspect of the Oneness. We cannot behold beauty unless we hold it already within us. We cannot behold love, nor experience it, unless we hold it already within us. When we love another, we experience the expanding awareness of ourselves. It is neither reflection nor mirror. It is a growing, a budding, a flowering...a Spring.... of awareness, of recognition, of sensitivity to the interdependence of the many-aspected Oneness.

Love is You when you can find in another the reasons to express your lovingness: Love is YOU when you can see in the world the reasons to express your delight in the perfection of the process.

Love is not selfish, that's an obvious statement, but neither is it selfless. Indeed, Love requires both of these polarities in order to create. For what would the living experience be without the possibility and probability of creating?

Nor is Love subserviant or dominant, for Love does not need such symmetries of logic or emotion.
In the humility and respectfulness of creativity Love expands the universe.In the knowingness of your own creativity Love is expanding within you..it's already there...and simply expands.It's all around, inside, above,below.

"I wanna know what love is....I want you to show me" said the pop song. Here's the punch line: I can show you it all, but you will never recognise what you see unless you already have the vision within. The 'in-sight'.
Guess what?
We all have :)