Sunday, April 07, 2002

Sunday 7th April 2002 11-30 CET
Swords -01
"In the end, the only way to have people sit up and take notice is
to let them experience firsthand the problems that result from their
own behavior" These profound words were reported in a recent
New York Times article as having been spoken by a director of
vocation (priest recruitment) in a Roman Catholic archdiocese
in Ireland.
The words were not spoken directly in connection with a criticism or
observation concerning the appalling revelations of abuses,
-financial, sexual and power structured - committed by Roman Catholic
clergy/orders around the world wihin the past 50 years.

No. These words were not spoken in that connection. These words
were spoken in connection with the dramatic fall in volunteers to
become priests. I suspect it was a way of telling even the
drastically reduced congregations (down by two thirds in two
decades) that it they don't have a priest nowadays then it's their own
fault, as no-one wants the job! Few will volunteer to do it
under the terms extant. Maybe, like myself years ago when
considering a similar vocation, few would agree to do
it within the 'politicised and corrupt hyprocrisy of church

The quoted words however, as so often with spiritual matters,
are a two edged sword - or would be if certain religious institutions
had not considered themselves above societal and moral law. That
there can be 'imperfect members' of any organisation is a fact of life.
That such imperfections can be institutionally 'veneered' is also
a fact of life.

That any religious institution/org suffers tremendously when it
allows it's standards to fall below it's high spiritual ideals, or to
fall below what is considered reasonable and normal behaviour
in any modern society...this is also a fact of life! The unwillingness,
even now, to declare openly it's failings or to report to the
authorities of the 'temporal law' those suspected or 'proven' to
have been involved in such abuses is another nail in the coffin of
church authority. Confession, it would appear, is not good for
the multi-national religious conglomerate 'soul'.

So, currently the Catholic Church and also many other 'religious
orgs and institutions', "are experiencing firsthand the problems that
result from their own behaviour "...having also inflicted incredible
suffering on their 'victims' in the process. The axe is truly to the root
of the 'institutional religious org ' tree, huh?

What is disgraceful beyond words is the hierarchical 'cover-up'
that has taken place in so many of these 'scandals'. It is not enough
that, for example, children have been physically and sexually abused.
The hierarchy of these institutions have further inflicted pain and
suffering upon the soul and emotions of these victims. Some 'clergy'
have raped the innocent, physically. Hierarchies have raped the
victims spiritually.

As another Priest in Ireland, quoted in the same New York Times
article, said, " "The shift (in Ireland) is from the experience of
authority to the authority of experience,"

So to these so called 'christian orgs' , these purveyors of the fear,
guilt and shame doctrines as control methodologies,
I will quote some words of Jesus," Whoever harms one of these
little ones, it would be better for him to have a millstone fastened
around his neck and be cast into the sea." (Matthew 18, vse. 6)

The authority of the experience of the lovingness of
'The Oneness' speaks in every heart and mind. It speaks
only a language of pure, unselfish, open, liberating UN-conditional

It would appear that in many cases this language is better
understood in secular societies than it is in 'religious orgs', huh?
To be expert in the history of the words is not the same as
understanding them in your heart or practising them in your
way of life, huh?

"Behold. How are the mighty fallen."

or another one,

"Throughout history there have been tyrants. For a while they seem
to prosper. But, always, always they fall. Whenever I am in doubt
or discouraged I remember this and I try to do it God's way.
Remember, Always." M.K.Gandhi.

The 'way of The Oneness' is not, nor has it ever been, necessarily
the way portrayed by control obsessed religious orgs!

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