Thursday, June 14, 2012

multinational manoeuvres

abuse denial

Well, after already paying out in excess of $2.5 BILLION in America alone for legal fees, settlements and prevention programmes, one can understand a certain reticence.

It is worth reminding ourselves, however, that this is a self-inflicted wound to this institution and a wound made worse by it's own inability to self-medicate or to follow it's own rule-book!


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Sunday, June 10, 2012

questionable "Multinational" financial dealings

olympus scandal

The Olympus scandal was precipitated on 14 October 2011 when British-born Michael Woodford was suddenly ousted as chief executive of international optical equipment manufacturer, Olympus Corporation. He had been company president for six months, and two weeks prior had been promoted to CEO, when he exposed "one of the biggest and longest-running loss-hiding arrangements in Japanese corporate history", according to the Wall Street Journal.[4]


Vat bank Tedeschi-01

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Spot the difference?