Thursday, July 21, 2005

When will mankind ever learn......

The One God of us all does not
solve 'problems' with pain,
violence or hatred.........

Only Unconditional Love
that speaks in dialects of caring,
peace, compassion.
Don't blame 'God'

"Ateeque Sharifi had seen his fair share of
tragedy as a boy in Afghanistan. His
parents were killed by the Taliban before
he was 20 and he was the only
male in his family to escape death.

At 21, he fled Kabul to find refuge in Britain,
where he overcame his struggle to learn
English and became a model student. In
his spare time he worked in a pizza takeaway,
sending most of his wages to his younger
sister in Afghanistan.

But three years after fleeing the brutal
regime of the Taliban to rebuild his life in
his adoptive city, the young Muslim was to
die in a suicide bombing carried out in
the name of his faith".

(you can read the full story of this tragedy at:

Despite all that had happened in his young life,
Ateeque Sharifi still attended devotions at
his mosque.

Whatever the creed, whatever the perverted
justification man's mind can create for such
abominations as the murder of this much
liked, loved and respected young man,
we can be very sure of one thing........

The One God of us all has never, never
needed to express His lovingness
through such mindless cruelty.