Friday, July 31, 2009

Life is……

The interplay of energies emanating from a common source,unstoppably expanding the permutations of possibilities of experiencing.Experiences so unique,so individual as to be totally valid in their own right.

Not a galaxy exists, nor a star, a person nor a single ant,not even a single blade of grass that is not equally and powerfully involved in the process of this pathway. It is not only,as Einstein Schweitzer stated as a 'will to live' for expression of the life force is more,much more,than simply existence. This interplay of energies is in constant,ever constant creative mode. It applies to all things, for there is nothing that has been created that is not wholly and entirely unique and the presence of which has enriched beyond imaginings the potentiality of the process

.As quickly as one experience is created,so an infinite number of permutations arise from that one incidence.