Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Tick.Tock sounds the clock.

Clang.Cling does the bell ring.

With such symbols we mark our journey

Through this walk of relativity

We have named living.


Yet deep within us sounds the rhythm

Of a profounder pattern called infinity:

For in each life has been shown

The formula of lovingness

By which we have grown

Into a self-fulfilling awareness.


Behold the first time love

Embraced our walk

Toned our talk,

Honed our all too clumsy actions

Into an eternity-filled fraction

Of compassioned caring

And suddenly we awoke to sharing.


Behold that time when love

Encompassed our humanity

And the urges of the body

Surged into moments of ethereal ecstasy.

And where was time then?

Did the tick,the tock

The bell-ringing of the clock

Restrict the outward blossoming of our love.


Ah yes, the hours we mark

And in our secret silences

Know the truth of time’s remark

That all are special experiences

All are symbiotic melodies

That conspire to create a symphony

Of the lovingness that we are…

And always have been…

And always will be


So,come New Year

You hold no tears

For those whose love will shine.

So,come New Year

For you are but another sphere

In which we happily recline.

So,come New Year

And we with joyful hearts

Welcome all these special moments

When we may be truly who we are.

copyright Geoff Groom 2001