Monday, July 14, 2008

Did the previous picture of children parading in terrorist style depress you?
Are you just going through a 'depressive patch' in your life at this time?

Got that,'why do I bother feeling?'.

Well,hey,just think about grass (no not the smoking kind). It's summer and we keep cutting it...what if the grass said 'Oh,heck,why do I bother?'
If this comment doesn't inspire you then go here:

and watch this

His name is George Sampson, he's just 14...he didn't give up the previous year and won the contest his second year. He's a nice guy...and you should Google him to learn something of his life. Not such an easy life,but that didn't stop him.

There's inspiration all around, often in the most unlikely forms, for those who are willing to simply see.