Saturday, July 09, 2005


Any 'religion' that has not learned..and does not
practice...the meaning of the word 'respect',neither
commands respect nor deserves it.

Respect for life, innocence, beauty, truth.

Where these are absent in the manifestations
of any political or religious creed,respect for that
creed from others is also absent.

In the absence of such respect, no such creed
can survive in the long term.

This is the lesson, the singular truth of human history.

The Koran at sura (chapter) 2.256: “Let
there be no compulsion in religion; truth
stands out clearly from error.”

Or heed the words of The Prophet
Muhammad: “The true Muslim is the
one who hurts no one by word or deed.”

There are a lot more beautiful, honorable,
sincere and respectful followers of Islam
outside of the Jihadist movement,
unaccepting of extremist 'fatwas', than
there are those who misguidedly corrupt
and manipulate the words of The Prophet
for their own purposes

The truth of unconditional love has stood
as the beacon of enlightenment and the
symbol of empowerment throughout