Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miracles every moment

"Man does not live by bread alone....."


Famous words.Or at least one time they were.They were meant to suggest a spiritual dimension to our existence but would more likely suggest extra sauces,spices and additives to our food nowadays.

Most people know more about a 'religion' or their  favorite sports team or their favorite celebrity than they do about how their own body works.

You could reasonably expect that everyone would at least study their own physical existence - as a direct means of understanding any definitions of God,superconsciousness,etc.etc. I mean, where better to find the answers or experience the 'so called truths' than in our own individual scenario?

Did you know there are approximately 60 to 100 trillion cells in the adult body? Every hour approximately 1 billion cells must be replaced.

So the body is in a constant state of change and renewal. Then how does that affect,influence, 'traditionalist thinking modes' or 'consciousness embedded spiritual concepts'.

Maybe peeps get emotional/intellectual indigestion leading to long term sickness when they reject change,progress,new understandings. An acceptance of change is the only real way to fully accept the miracle of life. I mean, exactly how many of us would want to eat food prepared as it was 2000 years ago with the hygiene standards that existed then,let alone the potentially infected foodstuffs themselves?????

(inspired by an article here)