Monday, April 29, 2002

Sunday 28th April 2002 09-30 CET
Falling walls
My apologies for my absence from the blog for some time.
I have been exceptionally busy on a project which is concerned
with actions more than it is concerned with words.

All that which is hidden shall be revealed soon :)

The truth of such a statement is alarmingly evident in so
many places in this world today, not least amongst
some powerful religious institutions - and leading this
category must be the Catholic Church, though it is
far from being alone in trying to defend the indefensible.

In a recent article I.M.Churchmouse quoted a
supposedly confidential conversation as follows:

"Forgive me father, for I have sinned"
"Tell me all my son, honour the spirit of confession".
"I have been found out"
"Ah, this is indeed a great sin, the greatest of all."

It has always been the purpose, the duty, the priviledge
of those classified as 'religious leaders' to lead society
in the definitions of the 'higher spiritual purpose, the
higher morality." Thus we are observing how the "arrogance
of power phenomena" and politicising of religious institutions
has been, and is, destroying the mechanism of their control
over the minds and hearts of the people.The institutions are

This is happening in most major religious institutions, worldwide,
and of course it is all too easy to fall into the trap of being
a collaborator in the destruction of people's faith by attacking
such religious institutions. Though this may have appeared to
some to have been taking place within these blogs.... I ask
you to take the wider view.

It is my perception that 'the lovingness of the Oneness'
is not dependent upon ritual, club membership, financial
payment,...indeed in many ways 'institutionalised religion'
can be unhelpful to the development of self-responsibility and
self-awareness, for so often 'social approval' is a consequence
of 'club membership' even when our activities run contrary to
any reasonable defintion of love.

I believe that what we are witnessing is an awakening of a
spirituality that is far more self-connected, self-aware and
self-policing than the outdated and unloving ancient doctrines
that served less educated and less communicative societies.
And these things did serve in the past. Imperfectly maybe.
Sometimes with hypocrisy that killed - if not the body then
the soul. Other times it was a source of inspiration that
led people to a 'higher self'.

What is happening is not the destruction of faith but the
enlargement of it, the expansion of it. To anyone who has,
even in some small way, been helped to grasp an understanding
of the enormity of the unconditional lovingness that is the
'Oneness' by some religious institution or other....then it has
to be acknowledged that such a comprehension never, ever leaves.

Whereas the contradictions inherent in institutional membership
lead to inner conflicts and repressed guilt/shame - due to the
'social approval' nature of the hierarchical structure of such
institutions....freedom from such 'spiritual imprisonment' permits
the 'lovingness of the Oneness' to expand our awareness beyond
anything we could have thought possible.We become a larger self.

We can loose our faith in a church, a mosque, a
mechanisms of guidance/instruction/authority/control ---- but it is a
mythical, fantasy "faith" that is destroyed in such a manner.It was
a belief in 'man-made doctrines and creeds', no matter how well
intentioned they may have been in their original form.

True faith explodes into a nucleur-like blossoming of self-awareness
and 'One-ness awareness' as soon as the 'Jericho like walls' of
control institutions, of which we were once 'club members', fall.

To not know this is to have faith and belief in a far lesser 'god' than
is shown in the unconditionality and limitlessness of the lovingness
by the 'Oneness'. There is only one 'club' to which we all belong and it
matters little at which table we sit within that 'club'.

If we do what we feel is right in our heart, do no harm to another by
deliberate intent and live out our existing in this reality we call 'life'
in as much awareness of the interdependent nature of the 'lovingness'
of which we are capable at any given moment in time
(whilst still being a participant in this reality)....if we do these things,
do you think it is coincidence ???

All that which was hidden IS being revealed. "...and do you still not yet

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