Monday, February 16, 2009

Gardening is a generally peaceful and 'soul-refreshing' activity. Indeed,recent reports indicate clearly beneficial aspects through 'contact with nature activities'. It's so specialised today that you can be 95% certain of the description.quality,and attributes of the seeds available to plant. Clearly, what you sow is what you reap!

It seems also to be the case with religions,though most would prefer that we ignored the 'original seed bank' from which their own religion,sect,group,sprouted

An interesting development this week in the Swat area of Pakistan, insurgency and jihadist terrorist action over many years has now delivered what the terrorists say they were fighting for : the institution of Islamic Sharia Law. Huh? You kill,maim,behead,throw acid at schoolgirls,burn schools, bomb....and this so you can have a rule of Sharia law? From these seeds shall grow....what??

Over the weekend I watched another interesting scenario, the film 'September Dawn' is the account of the massacre of 120 men,women and children on a wagon train travelling through Utah to California . Nothing new in that - until you go HERE - or watch the film and find that it was the Mormons who carried out the massacre of inncocent men women and children

Watching the film 'The Mission' does not exactly inspire one with trust in the Roman Catholic/Christian church.

Indeed one can go back through all of history and find that religions have been used continuously to justify actions that were,and are,far from any reasonable,normal,healthy,adult (or perhaps better,childlike), compassionate or loving concepts of God.

Well it is said,' by their fruits you will know them'.