Monday, November 29, 2010

anjelolidemon Irredeemingly Inspirational

Well, I've been around now for over 6 decades cascading through this amazing kaleidoscope of experiencing that we call 'life'.

Just occasionally, roughly about once a decade or so, there comes amongst us someone who so pushes the boundaries of our possibilities that we are staggered to see just what the human spirit is capable of doing with the energy factory we call the body.

So, check this decade-inspiring 8 year old out:

Now, if he can train his mind, body, reflexes, to do a thing like this…….and he's only 8 years old…..

what do you think we could create in this world with all our loving energy if we had his dedication?

a thousand thanks anjelolildemon.

I hope I have the joy of watching you over the coming years – you are an inspiration :)