Sunday, November 30, 2008

Visons 1

My answer to the terrorists.......with special empathy for all those affected

by the atrocities at Mumbai.

"Your eyes are brown,

mine are blue,

his are green

You have good vision, young and fresh,

mine is ageing, blurred a mite,

his is like yours, sharp and true.

You have precise colour seperation sight,

mine is confused on brown and blue hues,

his is genetically perfect.

Behold, the tree.

What do you see?

Do you see differently than me?

If so, is it any less a tree

or greater, maybe?

Behold, your God.

Does it matter how you see?

If you see differently than me?

Does it change the fact of sight

or lessen God's omnipotence that we differentiate?

Ah, but we can philosophise and speculate,

intellectualise and humanise,

from such activity we can grow to love or hate,

We can, ego-driven, minimise or maximise.

It all depends upon our eyes.

Or does it?

Is God any less God

for all our discourse, all our debate?

Is the fact of God

affected by our genetic code

or even indoctrinated load

Is not the fact that we can see

enough of a fact for you and me?

Shall you tell me

I cannot see

because I see differently?

Better, rather, you tell me what you see

for the beauty of your vision

when added to my own

gives extra dimension

depth, colour, form

to that which I have known.

The fact that you can see

does not take anything away from me

but adds to my perception

if you will care

enough to share

and I with you

that which we see as true."


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