Monday, April 29, 2002

Sunday 28th April 2002 09-30 CET
Falling walls
My apologies for my absence from the blog for some time.
I have been exceptionally busy on a project which is concerned
with actions more than it is concerned with words.

All that which is hidden shall be revealed soon :)

The truth of such a statement is alarmingly evident in so
many places in this world today, not least amongst
some powerful religious institutions - and leading this
category must be the Catholic Church, though it is
far from being alone in trying to defend the indefensible.

In a recent article I.M.Churchmouse quoted a
supposedly confidential conversation as follows:

"Forgive me father, for I have sinned"
"Tell me all my son, honour the spirit of confession".
"I have been found out"
"Ah, this is indeed a great sin, the greatest of all."

It has always been the purpose, the duty, the priviledge
of those classified as 'religious leaders' to lead society
in the definitions of the 'higher spiritual purpose, the
higher morality." Thus we are observing how the "arrogance
of power phenomena" and politicising of religious institutions
has been, and is, destroying the mechanism of their control
over the minds and hearts of the people.The institutions are

This is happening in most major religious institutions, worldwide,
and of course it is all too easy to fall into the trap of being
a collaborator in the destruction of people's faith by attacking
such religious institutions. Though this may have appeared to
some to have been taking place within these blogs.... I ask
you to take the wider view.

It is my perception that 'the lovingness of the Oneness'
is not dependent upon ritual, club membership, financial
payment,...indeed in many ways 'institutionalised religion'
can be unhelpful to the development of self-responsibility and
self-awareness, for so often 'social approval' is a consequence
of 'club membership' even when our activities run contrary to
any reasonable defintion of love.

I believe that what we are witnessing is an awakening of a
spirituality that is far more self-connected, self-aware and
self-policing than the outdated and unloving ancient doctrines
that served less educated and less communicative societies.
And these things did serve in the past. Imperfectly maybe.
Sometimes with hypocrisy that killed - if not the body then
the soul. Other times it was a source of inspiration that
led people to a 'higher self'.

What is happening is not the destruction of faith but the
enlargement of it, the expansion of it. To anyone who has,
even in some small way, been helped to grasp an understanding
of the enormity of the unconditional lovingness that is the
'Oneness' by some religious institution or other....then it has
to be acknowledged that such a comprehension never, ever leaves.

Whereas the contradictions inherent in institutional membership
lead to inner conflicts and repressed guilt/shame - due to the
'social approval' nature of the hierarchical structure of such
institutions....freedom from such 'spiritual imprisonment' permits
the 'lovingness of the Oneness' to expand our awareness beyond
anything we could have thought possible.We become a larger self.

We can loose our faith in a church, a mosque, a
mechanisms of guidance/instruction/authority/control ---- but it is a
mythical, fantasy "faith" that is destroyed in such a manner.It was
a belief in 'man-made doctrines and creeds', no matter how well
intentioned they may have been in their original form.

True faith explodes into a nucleur-like blossoming of self-awareness
and 'One-ness awareness' as soon as the 'Jericho like walls' of
control institutions, of which we were once 'club members', fall.

To not know this is to have faith and belief in a far lesser 'god' than
is shown in the unconditionality and limitlessness of the lovingness
by the 'Oneness'. There is only one 'club' to which we all belong and it
matters little at which table we sit within that 'club'.

If we do what we feel is right in our heart, do no harm to another by
deliberate intent and live out our existing in this reality we call 'life'
in as much awareness of the interdependent nature of the 'lovingness'
of which we are capable at any given moment in time
(whilst still being a participant in this reality)....if we do these things,
do you think it is coincidence ???

All that which was hidden IS being revealed. "...and do you still not yet

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Sunday, April 07, 2002

Sunday 7th April 2002 11-30 CET
Swords -01
"In the end, the only way to have people sit up and take notice is
to let them experience firsthand the problems that result from their
own behavior" These profound words were reported in a recent
New York Times article as having been spoken by a director of
vocation (priest recruitment) in a Roman Catholic archdiocese
in Ireland.
The words were not spoken directly in connection with a criticism or
observation concerning the appalling revelations of abuses,
-financial, sexual and power structured - committed by Roman Catholic
clergy/orders around the world wihin the past 50 years.

No. These words were not spoken in that connection. These words
were spoken in connection with the dramatic fall in volunteers to
become priests. I suspect it was a way of telling even the
drastically reduced congregations (down by two thirds in two
decades) that it they don't have a priest nowadays then it's their own
fault, as no-one wants the job! Few will volunteer to do it
under the terms extant. Maybe, like myself years ago when
considering a similar vocation, few would agree to do
it within the 'politicised and corrupt hyprocrisy of church

The quoted words however, as so often with spiritual matters,
are a two edged sword - or would be if certain religious institutions
had not considered themselves above societal and moral law. That
there can be 'imperfect members' of any organisation is a fact of life.
That such imperfections can be institutionally 'veneered' is also
a fact of life.

That any religious institution/org suffers tremendously when it
allows it's standards to fall below it's high spiritual ideals, or to
fall below what is considered reasonable and normal behaviour
in any modern society...this is also a fact of life! The unwillingness,
even now, to declare openly it's failings or to report to the
authorities of the 'temporal law' those suspected or 'proven' to
have been involved in such abuses is another nail in the coffin of
church authority. Confession, it would appear, is not good for
the multi-national religious conglomerate 'soul'.

So, currently the Catholic Church and also many other 'religious
orgs and institutions', "are experiencing firsthand the problems that
result from their own behaviour "...having also inflicted incredible
suffering on their 'victims' in the process. The axe is truly to the root
of the 'institutional religious org ' tree, huh?

What is disgraceful beyond words is the hierarchical 'cover-up'
that has taken place in so many of these 'scandals'. It is not enough
that, for example, children have been physically and sexually abused.
The hierarchy of these institutions have further inflicted pain and
suffering upon the soul and emotions of these victims. Some 'clergy'
have raped the innocent, physically. Hierarchies have raped the
victims spiritually.

As another Priest in Ireland, quoted in the same New York Times
article, said, " "The shift (in Ireland) is from the experience of
authority to the authority of experience,"

So to these so called 'christian orgs' , these purveyors of the fear,
guilt and shame doctrines as control methodologies,
I will quote some words of Jesus," Whoever harms one of these
little ones, it would be better for him to have a millstone fastened
around his neck and be cast into the sea." (Matthew 18, vse. 6)

The authority of the experience of the lovingness of
'The Oneness' speaks in every heart and mind. It speaks
only a language of pure, unselfish, open, liberating UN-conditional

It would appear that in many cases this language is better
understood in secular societies than it is in 'religious orgs', huh?
To be expert in the history of the words is not the same as
understanding them in your heart or practising them in your
way of life, huh?

"Behold. How are the mighty fallen."

or another one,

"Throughout history there have been tyrants. For a while they seem
to prosper. But, always, always they fall. Whenever I am in doubt
or discouraged I remember this and I try to do it God's way.
Remember, Always." M.K.Gandhi.

The 'way of The Oneness' is not, nor has it ever been, necessarily
the way portrayed by control obsessed religious orgs!

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Sunday, March 31, 2002

March 30th 2002 23-30 CET
Fare Thee Well
Seldom in human history has someone been unexpectedly
called upon to fulfill a destiny as Queen. Queen Elizabeth,
The Queen Mother fulfilled this calling with a distinction
that commanded respect throughout the whole world and
did so for over six decades. Now that's 'regal stamina'.

The warmth and charm of her personailty and character
flooded out to all with whom she came into contact. Her
genuine interest in people was legendary and manifested
in so many, many caring and dutiful actions.

Often we glorify our leaders, those in the forefront of
our governments and countries. With regrettable
frequency, in the last 50 years, our pride has given
way to cynicism and a sense of betrayal as little by
little the truths have emerged.

This 'modern affliction', the 'do as I say not as I do'
philosophy of leadership, never did apply to this most
gracious lady. She retained those values that belonged
to another age: almost chivalrous in her sense of
duty and almost saintly in her integrity. Times change,
yet there are certain qualities of human existence that
are unchangeable - at least if we are to remain
'spiritual entities in this human reality'.

I am an englishman. The Queen Mother, from my
experience, was always a source of pride for every one
of us.

It is not only with a sense of sadness that I hear the
news of her not totally unexpected death, she was after
all 101 years of age. It is also with a sense of quiet
joy. Joy? Why, yes. For she was throughout a century
of human existing a clear example of some aspects which
are noble in the human spirit. I rejoice for the beauty of
her soul and the commitment of her mind and heart.

All change is not necessarily progress.For change
contains within it the challenge to remain true to ourselves,
and progress is that which develops, extends, from that which
already exists. In her living there was a reminder, a
charming, dedicated, dutiful, witty, fun-loving reminder,
that some things never change about some people.

Our respect for who she was can never, I feel, change.
I feel sure that in a century from now historians will
also review her life with loving respect.

Fare Thee Well, Precious Soul.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Monday 18th March 2002
It's an amazing sight. Whether in the Philippines,
The Caribbean, India, and I expect many, many
other places. A sight that doesn't really hit you
until you become exposed to some of the
financial data relating to the 'sight'.

Some of that financial data is starting to emerge
in places like Boston. Some has already shown
itself with regard to the activities of terrorists
linked to religious orgs. Some is displayed in
fictional form, as in Coppola's "The Godfather"
and even state sponsored institutions have
had data become public as a result of their
share dealings or property investments.Or, as
in Boston, India and many, many other places,
as a result of the depraved sexual activities of
clerics/religious leaders or the inhuman terrorist
aspects inspired by so called 'religious devouts'.

So, what is this sight? It's the sight of
religious orgs 'taking', "accepting",
"encouraging", "demanding"
contributions - from the poor!!! Note, not
giving financial support to the poor, but taking
it from them.

In Coppola's film it happens to be from the 'rich',
but the film illustrates the vast wealth, subtle
power plays and political influence of many of
these religious orgs.These aspects also become
apparent when we see the 'control influence'
many of these orgs can have upon their
members. Ayodha is one example. The Taliban
another. The 'right wing conservative Christian'
movement another. All seek to impose their
version of 'what God wants from you' and
interpret 'Holy Books, Principles and dogma'
within a multinational conglomerate business
framework. Talk about 'anti-trust laws'. Hehehehe,
this is really the meaning of anti-trust - the abuse
of trust!

This control is incredible and often nationally
institutionalised and legalised. One example
known personally to me: A woman married a
person of another 'religious org'. Her own 'org'
didn't recognise the marriage!! Some years later
her husband ran off with another woman. Naturally
his 'unrecognised wife' sought a divorce. Under
the laws of that country, controlled by her religious
'org', a divorce was not possible. Yet, that religious
'org. never recognised the marriage in the first place.
So you have the absurd situation of a divorce not
being possible under the law for a marriage that
was not accepted by the 'org' whose power had
instituted that law in the first place. Catch 22, huh?

Whether a Church or a Mosque, a Temple or an
Ashram.....the sight of the poor "donating under
duress" to help maintain multi-national religious
'orgs' is ....hmmm....sick!

It is actions such as these, from within, that
destroys the credibility of such orgs. Going into
some 'religious org buildings' is almost a similar
experience as going in to a supermarket. This
is an abuse of power, an abuse of respect for
the individual - it is an abuse of the lovingness
that is the energy of 'The Oneness'.

It is these abuses, and many many more, that
are the sand on which these orgs are now built; control.
Control. It is these financial and control considerations
that are far more connected with inter-religious wars
than are principles of lovingness or enlightenment
or faith.

For those of you who have asked what
I mean by the term 'spiritual industry', I
hope this helps -just a little - to clarify the term.

There is an old saying, "Charity begins at home",
so before anyone starts 'giving', 'paying' their
'membership fees and attendance fees' to
multinational religious conglomerates or even the
'local business religious org' they
should stop and ask themselves...."is this food
from the mouths of my children or myself?"
If it is, be sure that "The Oneness" does not
require it from you.

How can there be such poverty, starvation, death
in this world when religious orgs have such wealth?
The one is the contradiction of the other, huh?

For centuries religious orgs have had a mechanism,
a facility, to channel resource from the wealthy to
the poor. They have done so occasionally, when it
suited their political or power based objectives.
They have done so occasionally, but always
conditionally. 'Convert and be fed' mentalities.

Now the time of reckoning is dawning. The failure
of institutionalised religious orgs to live up to
the concepts and standards of 'what they preach'
is clearly becoming indisputably visible to humanity.

It has created a cynicism, a doubtfulness, within
the people and has thus served the opposite
purpose which these 'religious orgs' claim
to espouse. In such a scenario, survival is
not possible. It has created a cynicism that results
in the lessening of people's understanding about
who or what God, 'The Oneness', really is.

Please note:

No payment is necessary to be a recipient of
'the lovingness'.

Unconditional love is what it says it is!!

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Saturday, March 16, 2002

Friday 15th March 2002 23-00 CET
Jeans :)
"All but the simplest kinds of plants and animals inherit two
sets of chromosomes (the diploid number) one set of each
chromosomes from each parent (the haploid number). In humans,
each somatic cell has a haploid set of 23 chromosomes from
each parent, 46 in total.The chromosomes in each set vary in
appearance.However, each has a homologous partner in the
other set, which resembles it in both appearance and genetic
characteristics. A given gene is found on only a particular
chromosome in each set. It's allele is on that chromosome's
homologue in the other set. The alleles are passed on to new cells
during mitosis, the division of somatic cells.
Mitosis takes place as soon as a sperm fertilises an egg.
It continues throughout the life of the organism.Prior to mitosis,
the cell chromosomes make exact copies of themselves. At this
point, twice the diploid number of chromosomes exist in the cell.
As mitosis proceeds, one set of the doubled chromosomes goes
into each of the two daughter cells. Each thus acquires a full
diploid set of chromosomes.The process is repeated again and
again as cells divide and the body grows". Compton's Encyclopedia.

That, I understand, is the 'chemistry' of it, 'it' being physical
individuality. However, as we know from modern neurology,
there's some energy/electricity/charged particles also involved
in this process - within this physical reality.

Many peeps consider the 'soul' or 'spirit' as resident within
the physical form. But, how about if it's the 'spirit energy'
that holds the physical form together from the outside?
How about your spirit is 'coagulated' around your body
and permeates the physical structures with it's energy?

Hmmm.. that would, at least, explain one simply childlike
thought which has always puzzled me, namely, since we
are (is it?) 80% water, how do we stand up? hehehehe

So,at the moment of physical 'conception' the 'spirit energy'
enters into the chemically constructed form. The energy
continues to empower and motivate the mitosis process
of 'real-isation into the physical' as we develop and grow,
additionally surrounding us with an 'energy field'. Some
refer to this as an 'aura'.
As we age, so more of our spiritual energy is displaced
to those around us, interacting within the spiritual
reality that is constrained within the physical reality we
call 'life on earth'. Utilised in the changing of
concept into experience, of theory into practice.
As more spiritual energy is displaced in living,
loving...or even hating...or protecting as
is required within this physical reality, so less is
dedicated to the maintenance of our own physical form.
The body ages. The billions of mitosis formed cells
that have continually and regularly been replaced throughout
our earthly life, start to deteriorate. The 'process' becomes
less empowered with the 'spiritual energy' as that energy
more and more impacts upon the 'surrounding reality'.
We age, we fall ill, we 'die' a physical form, a physical,
chemical construction.
Yet, all of this construction was energised from a
'spiritual source'. All of that lovingness was energised,
brought into physical reality, by a spirit energy that...
wait for it...cannot....cannot be destroyed! Dust returns to
dust, yet energy travels on. Energy can be absorbed,
but absorption is only a transmutation, an alternative
useage of energy.
Physical death is not an ending of the energy, simply
a 'transforming', changing, of the expression or useage
of that energy within this, or another, reality.

Now, hopefully, two things will have become apparent
from the foregoing:
1. Such a system of 'self-creation' is incredibly two the same! (if this applies
physically, don't you also think/feel it applies
2. Such an 'energy expressiveness' is infinite,
it does not end.

Every year the leaves come on the trees. Every
year there are not two trees, not two leaves, the same.
Even when a leaf looks identical to another, it hangs
in a different place on the senses this reality
differently (whether the sunshine or the rain or the
wind). The process repeats, again and again,
continually expressing the infinity of permutations.

There is room, space, possibility for everything
within the 'Oneness'. Nothing is conditional
upon another thing: there are general rules
to the process within each reality, but all
negatives have a corresponding positive.
So, whether you are 'Big Banged', 'Superstringed',
or simply 'accepting' of the scenario.....
there is one conundrum within it all -
UNconditional is what it means. No limits.
No restrictions. No borders. Other than those
that are required to function within a 'physical
process. So why try to set rules that govern the

Unconditional love is the highest form of
'Spiritual energy', and has no choice - nor
desires any other choice - than simply the
expression of it's lovingness in every possible
mutation. Some call this 'God', some call it
"The Oneness". We are all, mitosis-like,
an aspect, an expression of that lovingness:
a cell within the body of 'The Oneness'.

When someone we love dies ( that is, when
they cease to be within this chemical physical
reality), we are still within this physical
expressiveness and (naturally) we miss the
'mechanisms of this process'. We miss
touching them, seeing them in physical form,
sensing their expressiveness within this
physical reality.

But, we stop loving them? Do we
stop sensing them within our spiritual
energy? Are we not always exposed to
the energy of their lovingness...and they
to ours?

To transmute = to change the form or nature
or substance of, convert into something
To die = to change the form or nature
or substance of, convert into something

If we choose to define 'The Oneness' as
eternal, everlasting, infinite.....then so are
we in terms of our 'spirit energy', for it is
'superstringed' from the same source.
We are an individualised,
precious and essential,
particle charged with that same energy.

Being 'aware' is not simply knowing who,
or what, 'The Oneness' is....
it is also knowing who you really are :):)

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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Wednesday 13th March 2002 15-00 CET
FAQ - 01 appears yesterdays blog has created a little
'wave' of curiosity amongst the two readers, hehehe.

So, here goes with a little FAQ.

1. Why are you so 'anti' religious institutions?

Generally speaking because they deny or deprive
the individual of the God given birthright of free
will by insinuating a degree of 'punishment
orientated control'. The concepts of 'sin, guilt
and punishment' are not valid within a reality
of unconditional love. Or they seek to marginalise
the 'experiencing of the life reality' by infusing
a 'detachment dimension'.
The purpose of this life's walk is, to me, to
experience in a reality what we already know
as a concept.
Religious institutions, generally, seek to control
this experiencing and channel it within their
own perceptions/old dogmas/old doctrines.
I see nothing in this life
that is not uniquely individual; flowers, trees,
animals,birds,mountains,seas, etc.etc. Ergo,
that which seeks to 'conform' you to a
controlled or controllable pattern, whose template
is financial or egotistical, is not from the

2. What do you mean about Christ's words
upon the cross from Psalm 22 in yesterday's blog?

Read it!!!
Does Psalm 22 sound to you like a defeated
rejected servant?
Sounds more to me like a victory cry. Like
a 'I'm on the winning team' kind of statement.

So why, ask yourself, have centuries of
theologians and clerics withheld, or at least not
advertised, that concept from the ordinary people
preferring instead to use the quotation as a
'guilt inspiring mechanism?
In the time of Christ's earthly revelation, most
peeps couldn't read and write. The devout
memorised passages of scripture. Christ was
seen, understood, to be a Rabbi. He was, after
all, even as a child to be found in the temple
discussing theology with the learned clerics, huh?
Rabbis just quoted the opening words of a passage
and most peeps knew the rest of it.

Two centuries ago, not many peeps could read and
write in the world. Now many can....but don't even
study the 'Holy Books' with an open mind. If we study
the books, it's usually to 'justify' a position we have
already assumed (or have been indoctrinated with), huh?

So, as referenced in question 1: if you wanna accept all
this sin/guilt/punishment based control hype...then Christ's
words from Psalm 22 are just right for you as they are
generally also can go
to hell after death - where God isn't, huh? Even though
God is all powerful and Omnipresent, huh? Even though
God is all loving - unconditionally loving (for any less a
definition of God is a lesser God, huh?).

If, however, you want to see Christ's use of Psalm 22
as a means of telling us that even death, even
wrongful condemnation, cannot seperate us from
God's lovingness...which will reign supreme...then,
then my friends, then.....
what the hell can you do when after all your
so called 'sinfulness', all your hatred, all your apathy,
all your doubt, all your distrust, all your ingratitude,
all your disbelief...when you've used up all of the
negatives you can find, and God STILL loves you..
no conditions....what's left but to love in return?
Love yourself, love your neighbour, love God.
The trinity! Love you, love you in your neighbour,
love God in you ethnicity here, or
intolerance, or's called 'The Oneness'

God's love, however you wish to define the One God,
is indivisible, cannot be parted from
the whole. You, your neighbour, everyone, all of us..
we also are a part of the 'whole'. For God not to love
you, whoever and whatever you are, is for God not
to love himself/herself/itself. You are an aspect of
the 'lovingness', a dazzling sunbeam from the
One Sun, a spiritual mitosis-superstringed-dna
stranded essence of the lovingness, the unconditional
lovingness that is, IS, the One God.

3. Are you teaching us something?

What is there for lil ol me to teach you that
you don't already know, spiritually? We know the
same - no hierarchy of qualifications - for we
are from the same source.
No, I can teach you nothing.
Nothing I can say means anything.....unless,
unless you already hold that truth within you.
Then, and only then, do you recognise it.

I can teach you nothing. But, we can remind
each other of exactly who..and what..we
truly are, huh? All of us. ALL of us.

Kill another, in thought, word or deed..
and you kill a part of yourself.
Deny another your love, help, compassion..
and you also deny it to yourself.

It's called "The Oneness".
The One God.

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Tuesday 12th March 2002 23-30 CET
I remember meeting a five year old child for the first time,
many years ago, amidst a sense that though I was much
older I was more childish. The child, I shall call him "Andrew",
did not live to be seven years old. He had Cystic Fibrosis
and every day was a struggle that put my own problems
into a thimble of self-obsession. The thing that I most
remember about angelic 'Andrew" was that I hardly
ever heard him complain about his scenario.

Indeed, now I come to think about it, the people that I
remember most during the last decades (apart from my
immediate family) almost always possessed this 'gift'
referred to by Paul when he wrote 'I have learned in
whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content'. There
is something incredibly distinguishing about people
who 'don't have the habit of complaining'.

Enter, stage right, another thought: Last year I was
amazed by the regularity with which a phrase was
addressed to just about anyone that listened by
young people. The phrase 'get a life'. I remember
I joked about this by writing:

"They said to me get a life,
so I got one.
But it was faulty
so I took it back.
I was told I could hand it in
but would have to wait for a new one
OR, I could make the best of what I had
and see if I could get it to work myself."

The pervasiveness of the 'consumer consciousness'
insinuates itself into every aspect of our lives.
Whenever something goes 'wrong' we feel an
automatic conditioned response scenario to be
that 'we must complain about it.'

Indeed, the greater majority of work carried out in
social, psychological and spiritual ministries seems
more to be the work of one in charge of a 'complaints

'My nose is wrong.'
"I've got freckles"
"My breasts are imperfect"
"No one understands me"
"My ------ hates me"
"Your doctrines are faulty"
"God don't love me cos I'm a sinner"
"It's God's fault"

The consumerist 'rights of purchase' do NOT apply
in matters spiritual. Life is a gift and lovingness
an issue of perception/awareness. Do we complain
at the food we cook ourself, for ourself?

The aspect that is perhaps the worst aspect is simply
that the constant repetition of a 'complaints habit'
gives rise to an addiction to complaints, for such is
our thinking brain structure. This is not to say that
to strive for perfection is a failing, rather that it is
difficult to climb such a ladder if one is always
looking down at the rungs where one's foot slipped!!
The latter does not exactly inspire one with trust
for further upward mobility... huh?

Where dissatisfaction results in progress at correcting
the offending imperfection, then this is surely to be
welcomed, huh?

However, when discontent is simply a malaria-like
breeding ground for yet more discontent, the constant
re-playing of a dissatisfaction rap-disc, the repetitious
rehersal of complaining.....then this indicates a basic
spiritual abdication of 'self responsibility'.
Surely Freud clearly demonstrated the ease with which
we can 'indoctrinate self' into a pattern of irrationality and
fear, to the extent that we became obsessively
dominated by such patterns.

It is amazing in life how so often we can meet
people who, by our own standards, have
mountains of reasons to complain...and yet
they do not. Bet you can think of a few...mainly
people with appalling sickness or poverty.

"All happy people are grateful. Ungrateful people
cannot be happy. We tend to think that being
unhappy leads people to complain, but it's truer to
say that complaining leads to people becoming unhappy".
Dennis Prager

Hmmm... now there's an interesting..and challenging...
statement, huh?

So, full circle. I'm back to my old traditional song,
"Count your blessings
name them one by one
and it will surprise you
what the 'Lord' has done"

What the One God hasn't yet done, in his/her/it's
lovingness toward you, is perhaps a question
of 'self starting'. For free will implies that
nothing WILL be done unless you WILL
that it shall be done......huh?

In Psalm 22 of the Jewish and Christian
Holy Books...there is a formula. When
we are unhappy/dissatisfied/discontented
we serve ourselves best when we remember
all the reasons we have to trust in the
lovingness of the One God. The Psalm
ends with a statement of total acceptance
that the One God will be victorious and will
deliver us from whatever assails us.

The Psalm starts with words that many will
probably know already...even if the context
of their normal useage is not exactly the meaning
the most famous user has been interpreted as
saying...the Psalm starts:
"My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

Hmmm...did Jesus really complain upon the cross,
in the hour of His torment...or was He (in the habit
of Rabbis of the day) drawing our attention to
all the words of this Psalm?

You judge it. Look at the Psalm and see...
was He complaining or was He demonstrating
gratitude and trust ?

In most of the world's Holy matter
what 'religious label' they wear....there are
common strands, rivers, of lovingness. It's just
that sometimes in the translation, or sometimes
just because we haven't fully understood the
'social setting' of the words....we often can
misunderstand the real meaning.

As Afsana showed (in the last blog) not everyone
who knows the right meaning tells others correctly.

In the matter of complaints versus blessings....
actions speak louder than words.....huh?

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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Tuesday 5th March 2002 21-30 CET
I love India. I have for most of my life. I held India
in high respect, being an englishman, for the manner
in which India 'escorted' the english colonial power
out of India and gained, re-gained, it's freedom.
Though it seems that for as long as India can still
be divided along 'sectarian/religious' lines it has
not actually gained it's freedom from the
'colonial power games'. It is not, truly, independant.

India is rich with tradition, is immersed in tolerance
for others. This is the India I know and have experienced,
in the land itself and within the many Indians I have met
during my life.

Is this that follows, India?

"When part of the mob reached Afsana's house, she
fled with her five-year-old brother to a neighbor's
house. From the neighbor's roof, Afsana saw the mob
pull her parents from their home, douse them in gasoline
and set them alight. Her four sisters were stripped,
raped and killed. Along the lanes, other houses
were burning.

After a couple of hours, her neighbor said it was safe for
her to leave. It was a trick. In the lane, a pack of men
attacked her. "I fell on the ground," she says, "and I could
see all these people. They were people I knew who lived
around our house." Both she and her brother were splashed
with gasoline but she managed to scramble up and get away,
clutching her brother's hand. Both of their clothes were alight.
When she reached a wall and started climbing up, she lost
hold of her brother. Once on a roof, she looked down and
watched him burn to death".

(Is it possible to read this without weeping?)

This was reported in a Time magazine article. I have edited
out the various 'religious' adjectives, as they mean nothing.
They are supposedly justifications for such actions,
politicised religious justifications. Faith is manifest in
loving actions, not in angry words or hateful deeds.In
the madness of hatred/intolerance the credibility of
religions, as a mirror of God, is murdered.

It wasn't so different in Europe a few hundred years ago.
Or in the way that European politicised religions colonised
South America...and even slaughtered their converts!!
Or Northern Ireland with it's ingrained sectarianism.
So we see the gradual demise of the established
religious institutions of Europe and the failure of
those institutions to answer the challenge of truly
witnessing in totally loving methodologies. We observe
a similar breaking down of 'religious institution power'
in other areas of the world also.

When politics can override faith: when obscenity can
overrule can any resultant actions
be in any way classified as 'religious'?.

And which of us is wise enough, holy enough,
devout enough to be able to say with total certainty
that this 5 year old innocent who died was not
the new Rama, the new Mohammed, the new

It were better that all these so-called 'religious
institutions' were dead and buried than that the
life of another innocent be sacrificed on the altar
of intolerance.I, personally, cannot conceive of any
'holy' site, nor 'holy cause', that can have been carved
with the hand of hatred and washed with the blood of
innocents. The thing that is so ironic is that it
is those who profess such 'religion' that are
killing it themselves, huh? Their silence in
not speaking out against such atrocities is
as deafening as the grave.

How many more stories like Afsana's must we
read before we see, fully, the interdependence
of the lovingness and grasp with both hands
the preciousness of differences?. Each
individualised atom is a statement of
lovingness that emanates from 'The Oneness'.

When we kill each other (in thought, word or
deed), we kill 'the lovingness' inside ourselves!
Little by little we deprive ourselves of the
ability to see the wonder of the lovingness in
everything, and everybody, around us.

Even then, the unconditionality of the
'lovingness' seeks to hold us.....if we
are willing to be held. Afsana does not hate
those who did this. She blames a system
that abused and/or misused the ordinary
people. We can wonder that one so young
as her can have such 'lovingness', huh?

Oh, but how I wish with all my heart that
we could take away her pain and the pain
of so many, so many like her.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

27th February 2002 10-30 CET
Self knowing
"If you do not want what I want
please try not to tell me that my want is wrong.
Or if my beliefs are different than yours,
at least pause before you set out to correct them.
Or if my emotion seems less or more intense
than yours,
given the same circumstances,
try not to ask me to feel other than I do.
Or if I act, or fail to act,
in the manner of your design for action,
please let me be.
I do not, for the moment at least,
ask you to understand me.
That will come only when you are willing to
give up trying to change me into a copy of you.
If you will allow me any of me own wants,
emotions or beliefs, or actions,
then you open yourself up to the possibility
that some day these ways of mine might not
seem so wrong,
and might finally appear as right -
for me.
To put up with me is the first step
to understanding me.
Not that you embrace my ways as right for you,
but that you are no longer irritated
or disappointed with me for my seeming waywardness.
And one day, perhaps, in trying to understand me,
you might come to prize my differences,
far from seeking to change me, might preserve
and even cherish those differences.

I may be your spouse, your parent, your offspring,
your friend, your colleague.
But whatever our relation, this I know;
You and I are fundamentally different
and both of us
have to march to our own drummer."

Rerpinted with the kind permission of
Professor David Keirsey:
"Please Understand Me II"
Published by Prometheus Nemesis Book Co.
ISBN 1-885705-02-6

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter test
can be found at:

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Monday, February 25, 2002

25th February 2002 13-40 CET
Raison d'etre
As folks seek 'enlightenment' nowadays, it
seems so often to me that there is great
disatisfaction with life. So, we seek
something better, huh?

That is also the modus operandi of the
'consumer society': it's NEW, it's Improved,
it's got this extra or that extra, it's the latest
technology, it's the most approved version,
it's the most sold!!!! etc.etc.etc.

Clearly, this methodology is suspect! For
as with most new purchases, be it hi-fi or
washing powder, we are often confronted with
an unpleasant fact...we have been the victim
of 'hype' .

When this happens with spiritual methodologies
it leads to considerable unhappiness...... that what folks were seeking in
the pursuit of enlightenment? Happiness?

Hmmmm......"The purpose of our lives is to be happy".
so said the 14th Dalai Lama

Is that what the search for 'enlightenment' is about?
If so, then how do we achieve this 'blissful state?"
Endless meditation? Chanting mantras?
Retreating into 'holy caves' or temples?

"If you want happiness for an hour - take a nap.
If you want happiness for a day - go fishing.
If you want happiness for a month - get married.
If you want happiness for a year - inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime - help someone else".
Chinese Proverb

Or, put another way,
"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion."
Dalai Lama

Now in my case it may be a very compassionate
action to hide away in a meditative cave for
endless years...thus sparing humanity the
affliction of my thoughts.............hehehehehe

However, it seems clear from all the great
spiritual leaders.....
there can neither be enlightenment nor
happiness without 'inter-action'.

It is the energy cycle of the lovingness,
the ebb and flow of it's compassion,
that is in every single aspect and atom
of existing. Stem the flow = unhappiness,

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Saturday, February 23, 2002

23rd February 2002 10-00 CET
Superglue - postscript
Sometimes I simply write 'what is in my heart' to
write. Afterwards I often wonder 'where did that come
from?", or even if I have the right to 'inflict' my feelings
on others.

Almost always, without fail, when I go into this
introspective self-critical phase, something happens
- one of those 'coincidences' I have spoken about
earlier in this blog.

So I wrote 'superglue' - and today whilst surfing
I came across, was led to, the following quotation
which, out of all the many pages I surfed, hit me
'on the forehead' so to speak.

"People aren't "made" by themselves or by anyone
else: they are released to be what they always were
but had never known they were"

(Archibald MacLeish speaking of Eleanor Roosevelt)

It seemed appropriate to my 'superglue' blog.

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22nd February 2002 21-30 CET
It's been snowing again and there have been high winds, so
my telephone line is operating spasmodically and even my
mobile phone won't operate. I'm not exactly cut off, isolated,
but it is a reminder of a much acclaimed aspect of
'attaining enlightenment'. Namely, detachment.

There are many and varied methodologies touted by the spiritual
'industry' nowadays for aiding withdrawal from the experiental
and sensing aspects of this existence into a 'higher, loftier,
set-apart' scenario that is being called 'enlightenment' or
'meditation' or 'self realisation' or ....hmmm.....well, I'm
sure you've got the idea, huh?

These techniques appeal to the 'psycho/sciento-intellectual
control mechanism' of the 'thinking brain' in that they profess
an intellectual 'technique', a system that can be learnt and once
learnt becomes a qualification. It's as though folks are
being instructed...and even paying handsomely for the instruction
in the process....that if you study enough techniques, learn enough
quotations, read enough books from these 'masters' or those
'gurus' or these 'enlightened ones'....that all this knowledge
will of and through itself lead you to a doorway that opens
into a club for 'all the enlightened ones'.

Once you 'qualify' , get your 'masters degree' in enlightenment're IN.

Forget the fact that, as with all serious study, there is always the
profound temptation to be so absorbed with the new found knowledge
(I said knowledge, not awareness) that the study becomes an end
in itself! It is no longer a means to an end. The 'thinking brain'
is being fed with volumes of knowledge from the four corners
of the earth...and like the amoeba, it multiplies and multiplies
the available 'emptiness' in which to place all this data.

Forget the fact that, generally, a simple human trend is that the more
we become 'qualified' in the eyes of our peer group, the less we seem
to know about such things as humility, unconditional love, simple
acceptance. Indeed, the more we seem to learn the less able we
seem to be to 'accept anything with simplicity'.'s kind of
like having all this data provides us with an inexhaustible armory
of defences against anything we may find unpalatable.Nothing
is more unpalatable to a mind so geared to data-storage, data analysis,
cross referencing, risk analysis, logical perception, doctrinal double-talk,
quagmires of traditionalism, hierarchical progressions, superiority simplicity!!!!

Things that we are perfectly capable of accepting with simplicity we
are often tempted to turn into a major 'spiritual chess game', huh?

All, ALL these systems, methodologies, techniques....all of them
that seek to remove us from the 'experiencing' into the 'theorising',
.....all rob us of our purpose in being 'in this life'. When we cease to
allow ourselves to 'taste the reality of existing' in favour of some
'pseudo spiritual reality' , we rob ourselves of our real spiritual
intention. For our first intention in being here in the first place
was not to theorise about concepts and doctrines, but to
experience them.

'Truth is not to be believed', for belief is an abstract, theorising,
'thinking brain' scenario (I talk of belief here, Faith is a totally
different thing...and trust an even more different thing!!).
'Truth is not to be is simply to be accepted!"

And do you think that you are less qualified, or even more qualified,
than someone else when it comes to the matter of perception and
acceptance of A truth? (a spiritual truth, that is!).

"I tell you,whoever will not accept the Kingdom of God (awareness)
like a child, will never enter it". Jesus. Mark c10, v 15
(New English Bible 1961)

"...for it is to the childlike that the kingdom (enlightenment)..belongs."

In short, if you cannot simply accept WHO and WHAT you really
are.....if you cannot simply accept that you already are 'enlightened'
.... then how can you ever experience enlightenment, for you seek
something that is already a treasure within you, yet you neither
see it nor value it, huh? In this 'seeking' we are rewarded with that
which we desire......the thrill, the egotism, the emotional high,
the intellectual satisfaction of.....seeking.

Ah, but 'isolate' yourself from the world and you will see yourself,
some will say. I say, isolate and you see what you wish to see, what
you imagine to see, what you dream to see, what you fantasise about
seeing, for the human brain has an infinite capacity for producing that
which we desire to produce.

It is in BEING and DOING that we experience reality in a material
world. Why else did we come into this material creation?It is by
being active and/or sensitive - even to the movement
of air around a butterfly's wings - that we participate in this
'grand awareness of 'The Oneness', the absolute unconditionality
of the 'lovingness'.

It's so simple. It's so hard to accept because it's so easy.

No matter what we do, or don't do...we can never detach from
'the lovingness of The Oneness'. For we cannot be what we are not!
We can only be what we integrated aspecting of that Oneness.
We are always IN the Oneness and can never be outside the Oneness.

If there is any part of 'The Oneness' that is not enlightened, then it can
only be a 'part of the game' so that another may experience their
enlightenment. For the whole of this 'material creation' is founded upon
the interraction between the negative and positive polarities.
Who, then, is the greater...the one who gives or the one
who receives? If I consider myself 'enlightened' and you consider
yourself 'endarkened', does not your darkness allow my light to shine
brighter, so that I may more fully experience myself? And is not
your 'endarkening' a gift of great love and insight to my 'enlightenment' ?
For you become less than you really are in order that I may
behold who I am

It's so simple...huh?

Simple as 1,2, 3/ ABC. If you can see that your 'endarkening' empowers
my 'enlightening'....then you are already 'enlightened'.....and loving :):)

It's so ordinary it's extraordinary, hahahahahaha

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Friday, February 15, 2002

15th February 2002 00-25 CET
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14th February 2002 23-45 CET

Truth is not something to be believed...

but something to be accepted

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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

12 February 2002 23-15 CET
Hooking Up
Human Beings, being 'social creatures', often tend to 'group'
or 'bond' in associations/peer groups/relationships out of a
need to assert their 'social characteristics'...or even simply
out of a need to feel they 'belong' somewhere.

In it's most accute form this aspect of human psychology
can be simply a statement of profound loneliness, lack of
self identity or sense of low self worth.

So it is that manifestations of this 'characteristic' become
most noticeable in one of two catagories: amongst teenagers
seeking self identity or amongst the middle aged who have either
lost their sense of self identity or perhaps never even found it.

This trend is easily visible within almost every aspect of social
interraction, be it school, college, University or at the other end
of the scale, religious institutions, political organisations and
at the far extreme, terrorist organisations. Most of these
arenas offer a methodology of social recognition and, consequently,
a degree of self-esteem.

A terminology that is current and that illustrates a 'non too
committed' expression of this socialising/self identity aspect
of the human psyche, is this term 'hooking up'. A term that
relates, more especially , to expressions of sexuality that are
often hyper aroused by an alcohol/drug abuse environment.
Whatever is failing in a society, whatever is most vulnerable
to change...and therefore, hopefully, progress, is always...always
first illuminated by the excesses demonstrated within the youth
of a society. If any hypocrisy exists, and contradiction between
law and practice, morality and expediency - every modern society
can depend upon it's youth to highlight the inherent absurdities
of the position.

That is great...but it also does not come without cost!! Progress,
advancement, social awareness, seems always, throughout the
ages, to have been at the cost of so much misery for the young.
Thankfully it seems that the days when the young were simply
'canon fodder' have now disappeared (with the exception of a
few states in the world where even 'child soldiers' of 8, 9 and 10
years old are indoctrinated to commit horrendous deeds).
The disenchantment with long established institutions and religions,
and the consequent failure of these orgs to be of any relevance,
is a result of them sowing the seeds of their own destruction
within themselves. "You can fool some of the people all of the
time, all of the people some of the time...but never all of the people
all of the time", huh?

Nowadays it seems the cost of the failure of these orgs can be
measured by the rise in 'lost self esteem' within our young. They,
apparently, seek 'arousal expression' in methodologies that are
not only statements of distrust and disbelief in those 'old orgs', but
are also as dangereous and destructive as were the trenches of
the Somme!!

Hiding in 'fundamentalism' is as much an escape as cocaine.
Hiding in irresponsibility (to self) is as lethal as alcohol poisoning.
Hiding in the emotional feel good factor of 'New Age' philosophies
and creeds is as brain damaging as Ectstasy.

If we must 'hook up', if we must really try to find the most amazing
'high' available in this life, if we really seek self identity and
recognition amongst our peer group for who and what we are......
then let's understand one simple, basic, essential law....
we only find it within when we truly find ourselves.

Only when we fully, totally, completely comprehend the
phenomenal beauty of just how amazing each individual is
in the total scheme of 'The Oneness'......only then are we
truly 'hooked up', connected, online, kewl!

Only when we see ourselves, respect our own individual
standards, reflect our self-esteem in our caring for and respect
towards ourself and others...........only then are we truly,
amazingly, astoundingly, on the highest 'high' life can offer...
'hooked up' and super conscious to the 'lovingness' that is

Hey, when you love yourself it's easy to love others. Hey,
when you are 'in touch' with your inner self you are always
'in touch' with others. It cannot be otherwise, for to really
know one's self is to know 'The Oneness' of which we are
all a part..interconnected, inter-related, inter-netted!!

Oh, way2go Ross, Danny and JJ :):)

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Saturday, February 09, 2002

Saturday 9th February 2002 19-20 hrs CET
I am my own boss
I am yet to discover, in my own perception of standards, which
is the more distressing and painful sight: that of a young person
seemingly bent on self-destruction or that of an old person whose
body rebelliously imposes the burdens of a prisoner upon the mind
and ceases to be any longer at the command of the will.

In the former case it is all too easy too classify the beginnings
of destructive addictions as being simply youthful experimentation.
Mood or mind altering substances such as alcohol, narcotics and such
seem to be such an established aspect of society that youthfulness
cannot be held entirely responsible for an apparent 'free will decision'
to indulge in them. In this there is nothing new, generation to generation
falls for the same salesmanship. Even large scale education has not eased
this problem: in 'achievement related societies' education has been turned
into a competition sport...with all the attendant pressures, rewards and
sponshorships that go with it.

In the latter case the results of over indulgence in what was the
previously- and still regrettably- accepted norm for addiction, alcohol,
extracts a horrendous toll in suffering - from ulcerated and unusable legs
to a brain that is constantly bombarded with bombshells of haemmorrages
or small clots. The ability to tolerate large quantities is not an achievement,
but a loss, huh?

Yesterday I was reading of alcohol poisoning - the result of home
made spirit sold to teenagers by a much older person - in two 13 year
olds. I have seen, and continue to see many times, the long term effects
of alcohol poisoning - caused by uncontrollable over-indulgence - in older

There is also a 'spiritual addiction' as I call it. It is in the form of uncontrolled
reliance, without test and often without knowledge, on traditions and
'fundamentalist standpoints'.

So, where are we going with this diatribe?

To a simple place... a place that goes by the name of 'self-responsibility'

We have chosen to come into this life, this experiencing reality. So, why, therefore,
do so many choose to opt out of the reality of the experiencing and hide from
it within mood altering methodologies?

It kind of defeats the object of coming here in the first place, don't it???

You know the truth of this. You know it inside. I cannot tell
it to you....for you know what I know and vice versa.

What we can, however, bearers of 'the lovingness' remind each
other. Not from a position of superiority or elitism, or even ego, but simply
from the point of view that we are all one.... for true lovingness makes it's
home in the halls of humility.

"a true disciple knows another's pain as his own"

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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Wednesday 6th February 2002 21-00 CET
Now I am starting to get more into my 'normal' routines
after my travels and the catching up that an absence of a
few weeks creates. This is not a complaint, simply an
observation, for travelling (especially when it permits
the making of new friends) is a marvellous thing to do.

It's also nice to come back home :) To find the stillness
again. To be in the quietness again. To visit places like
New Delhi or airports like Charles de Gaulle in Paris is
exciting, challenging and stimulating.

That which is most meaningful is often seen clearer at a
distance. Transcendental meditation is founded on this
principle (as opposed to intramundane meditation). Rising
above the normality of existing and looking down upon it
allows for much more of the beauty of the lovingness to
be observed than is usual from a more involved stance.

Being in the quietness of my home, however, allows time
for all the marvellous experiences, all the incredible moments
with new people, to be absorbed and integrated in a manner
that the noise and energy of large cities hardly permits. For
I can view these experiences 'from a distance' and see the wonder
of them all.

Good food should never be eaten in a hurry, so it is with
good life experiences. They need to be savoured, the subleties
and nuances tasted in the soul. Only then can their true flavour,
the richness of their quality, be adequately discerned.

Fast food is ok...and I quite like burgers, hehehehe......but a meal
taken in a meditative manner, absorbed by and given attention to
with the whole person,that's a whole different type of enjoyment.

Loving. Friendship. Caring...these are meals of experiencing that
require time........require stillness from the hectic daily activities.
Only then can the full miracle, the full extraordinary qualities of
these seemingly ordinary fully digested in all their

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Saturday, February 02, 2002

Saturday 2nd February 2002 21-30 cet
Safe return
Back from my travels! India, a most fascinating place. It is the home
of some truly extraordinary people. Warm, friendly, open and with a unique
ability to somehow encourage a higher manifestation of spirituality within
one's self.
Why this should be I am not entirely certain, but I believe there is a
fundamental and very ancient spiritual base within the society. Generally
speaking there always seems to be an atmosphere which is encouraging
to the best in a person. Of course, getting off the plane presents one with the
usual outside the terminal taxi cab hassles that are the hallmark of international
travel amost anywhere in the world. That aside, India has the amazing ability
to always 'present a willing helper' whenever one is needed and most normally
simply as a gesture of human caring without the requirement for payment.

It's an easy place to make new friends, good friends, respectful friends (if you are
also respectful!) and I have made so many new ones on this trip also.

So, to any of them who might happen to read this heartfelt thanks for
a wonderful trip, for innumerable kindnesses, for unconditional friendship and the
caring that accompanies it. From people who woke in the middle of the night to
wish me 'Bon Voyage', from a man who missed three buses in order to ensure we
would catch ours, for staff at guest lodges and hotels whose friendliness made
us feel like one of the family, for the staff and children at Sinai Orphanage who
blessed us with so many blessings.......... fellow travellers on trains whose
pleasurable company graced our journey. So many, so many beautiful
memories of wonderful people.
It was like an orchard in Autumn, ripe with fruits of lovingness and every place
the trees of life hanging heavy with such an abundance of fruits.

It is said that India is a poor country and by some economic measures
that is possibly true..........but if the character, conscientiousness and
humanity of a people is counted into such an equation, India overflows
with richness.

In The Oneness - no matter where we are - lovingness surrounds us
and embraces us, if we are willing to find the extraordinary in the
ordinary. In India it is so easy, so very easy, to find :):)

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Saturday, January 05, 2002

temporary email facilities at:

Wednesday, January 02, 2002

1st January 200...?...2 23-30 CET
Tempus fugits..sometimes
There are times in life when the simple, straightforward
expressions of togetherness, belonging, are incredibly
joyful celebrations of what life is actually about.

Christmas and New Year are such times for us in the west.

There is time for unpacking gifts, time for sharing with family
and friends..time......time to sit in quiet contemplation of
celebrations past, of persons lovingly remembered that no
longer share the physical present with us.

In an apparent forest isolation that is my present life
circumstance...a scenario that I think must have astounded
my friends and family...I am so richly blessed with the
opportunities to 'take time' taste the luxury of every
memory of being so many over such a long period.

So now I always follow a little 'tradition' on New Year's Eve.
I come in through the front door of the house bringing with
me the *New Year* and welcoming it to our home...inviting
peace and increasing self-knowledge to accompany it as
welcome guests. Then I go out through the back door of the
house, letting out the 'old year', but not before I have thanked
it for all the blessings it brought and for all the lovingness it gave.

There is never a year that does not come with blessings. Never
a year that has come without it's close companion..lovingness.
Never a year that I am not deeply thankful that I travelled into
this experiencing existence called life and came into a place where
I was so greatly blessed with the lovingness expressing through
a wonderful..and

The Aunts, Uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, brother, sisters in law,
my Mother, my parents-in-law, my wife...all who through
their experiencing allowed me to express who I am....and despite that,
or just maybe because of that, were still able to love me.

I do not think that any of them taught me 'love'......but I am so very
sure that they all helped me to understand the importance of
sharing 'love'.

For a life that nearly did not exist at life has been so
profoundly, immeasurably, incredibly---even enigmatically..
illuminated by the sunbeams of lovingness.

I do so hope yours has too.

It's a new day, a New Year.............another opportunity to
find the blessings, count them, bathe in them, be absorbed
by them...shine with them :):)

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