Saturday, February 23, 2002

23rd February 2002 10-00 CET
Superglue - postscript
Sometimes I simply write 'what is in my heart' to
write. Afterwards I often wonder 'where did that come
from?", or even if I have the right to 'inflict' my feelings
on others.

Almost always, without fail, when I go into this
introspective self-critical phase, something happens
- one of those 'coincidences' I have spoken about
earlier in this blog.

So I wrote 'superglue' - and today whilst surfing
I came across, was led to, the following quotation
which, out of all the many pages I surfed, hit me
'on the forehead' so to speak.

"People aren't "made" by themselves or by anyone
else: they are released to be what they always were
but had never known they were"

(Archibald MacLeish speaking of Eleanor Roosevelt)

It seemed appropriate to my 'superglue' blog.

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22nd February 2002 21-30 CET
It's been snowing again and there have been high winds, so
my telephone line is operating spasmodically and even my
mobile phone won't operate. I'm not exactly cut off, isolated,
but it is a reminder of a much acclaimed aspect of
'attaining enlightenment'. Namely, detachment.

There are many and varied methodologies touted by the spiritual
'industry' nowadays for aiding withdrawal from the experiental
and sensing aspects of this existence into a 'higher, loftier,
set-apart' scenario that is being called 'enlightenment' or
'meditation' or 'self realisation' or ....hmmm.....well, I'm
sure you've got the idea, huh?

These techniques appeal to the 'psycho/sciento-intellectual
control mechanism' of the 'thinking brain' in that they profess
an intellectual 'technique', a system that can be learnt and once
learnt becomes a qualification. It's as though folks are
being instructed...and even paying handsomely for the instruction
in the process....that if you study enough techniques, learn enough
quotations, read enough books from these 'masters' or those
'gurus' or these 'enlightened ones'....that all this knowledge
will of and through itself lead you to a doorway that opens
into a club for 'all the enlightened ones'.

Once you 'qualify' , get your 'masters degree' in enlightenment're IN.

Forget the fact that, as with all serious study, there is always the
profound temptation to be so absorbed with the new found knowledge
(I said knowledge, not awareness) that the study becomes an end
in itself! It is no longer a means to an end. The 'thinking brain'
is being fed with volumes of knowledge from the four corners
of the earth...and like the amoeba, it multiplies and multiplies
the available 'emptiness' in which to place all this data.

Forget the fact that, generally, a simple human trend is that the more
we become 'qualified' in the eyes of our peer group, the less we seem
to know about such things as humility, unconditional love, simple
acceptance. Indeed, the more we seem to learn the less able we
seem to be to 'accept anything with simplicity'.'s kind of
like having all this data provides us with an inexhaustible armory
of defences against anything we may find unpalatable.Nothing
is more unpalatable to a mind so geared to data-storage, data analysis,
cross referencing, risk analysis, logical perception, doctrinal double-talk,
quagmires of traditionalism, hierarchical progressions, superiority simplicity!!!!

Things that we are perfectly capable of accepting with simplicity we
are often tempted to turn into a major 'spiritual chess game', huh?

All, ALL these systems, methodologies, techniques....all of them
that seek to remove us from the 'experiencing' into the 'theorising',
.....all rob us of our purpose in being 'in this life'. When we cease to
allow ourselves to 'taste the reality of existing' in favour of some
'pseudo spiritual reality' , we rob ourselves of our real spiritual
intention. For our first intention in being here in the first place
was not to theorise about concepts and doctrines, but to
experience them.

'Truth is not to be believed', for belief is an abstract, theorising,
'thinking brain' scenario (I talk of belief here, Faith is a totally
different thing...and trust an even more different thing!!).
'Truth is not to be is simply to be accepted!"

And do you think that you are less qualified, or even more qualified,
than someone else when it comes to the matter of perception and
acceptance of A truth? (a spiritual truth, that is!).

"I tell you,whoever will not accept the Kingdom of God (awareness)
like a child, will never enter it". Jesus. Mark c10, v 15
(New English Bible 1961)

"...for it is to the childlike that the kingdom (enlightenment)..belongs."

In short, if you cannot simply accept WHO and WHAT you really
are.....if you cannot simply accept that you already are 'enlightened'
.... then how can you ever experience enlightenment, for you seek
something that is already a treasure within you, yet you neither
see it nor value it, huh? In this 'seeking' we are rewarded with that
which we desire......the thrill, the egotism, the emotional high,
the intellectual satisfaction of.....seeking.

Ah, but 'isolate' yourself from the world and you will see yourself,
some will say. I say, isolate and you see what you wish to see, what
you imagine to see, what you dream to see, what you fantasise about
seeing, for the human brain has an infinite capacity for producing that
which we desire to produce.

It is in BEING and DOING that we experience reality in a material
world. Why else did we come into this material creation?It is by
being active and/or sensitive - even to the movement
of air around a butterfly's wings - that we participate in this
'grand awareness of 'The Oneness', the absolute unconditionality
of the 'lovingness'.

It's so simple. It's so hard to accept because it's so easy.

No matter what we do, or don't do...we can never detach from
'the lovingness of The Oneness'. For we cannot be what we are not!
We can only be what we integrated aspecting of that Oneness.
We are always IN the Oneness and can never be outside the Oneness.

If there is any part of 'The Oneness' that is not enlightened, then it can
only be a 'part of the game' so that another may experience their
enlightenment. For the whole of this 'material creation' is founded upon
the interraction between the negative and positive polarities.
Who, then, is the greater...the one who gives or the one
who receives? If I consider myself 'enlightened' and you consider
yourself 'endarkened', does not your darkness allow my light to shine
brighter, so that I may more fully experience myself? And is not
your 'endarkening' a gift of great love and insight to my 'enlightenment' ?
For you become less than you really are in order that I may
behold who I am

It's so simple...huh?

Simple as 1,2, 3/ ABC. If you can see that your 'endarkening' empowers
my 'enlightening'....then you are already 'enlightened'.....and loving :):)

It's so ordinary it's extraordinary, hahahahahaha

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