Thursday, February 04, 2010

Charlie's an angel – episode 4

7 year old Charlie (see reports below) continues upwards with his fund-raising efforts to help people in Haiti – it all started with a bike ride to raise £500



            SeK  2,812,000

But sometimes it's not just about the money.Often such a loving spark lights a fire of lovingness,as you can see from these donation comments at Charlie's Just Giving webpage:




Sunday, January 31, 2010

easy judgements….

A group of men came along the street; heavily armed soldiers leading a condemned man to the gallows.

"That man is no good," said a disciple to Nasrudin. "I once gave him a silver coin in order to help him start his life afresh, and he did nothing important."

"He may be no good, but perhaps he is now on his way to the gallows because of you," argued the master. "Perhaps he used the alms in order to buy a dagger, which he then used in committing his crime-because instead of helping him with love and care, you chose to give him alms in order to release yourself from your obligation."



an excerpt from Warrior of the Light

by Paulo Coelho