Friday, April 07, 2006

By any other name

All actions have reactions, interactions.
All non-actions create reactions, interactions.
We are on the verge of a 'critical mass point' in human progress: the time is very near when we commit ourselves fully to the celebration of unconditional lovingness. Loving not simply our neighbour, but also finding ways to love our 'perceived' enemy, as ourself... unconditionally.
(As Gandhi once said "the only devils are those running around in our own heads".).
The more we progress towards the acceptance of 'what is', the acceptance of who we truly are in spiritual terms, the closer we come to materialising the fullest Paradise here on earth, expressing our lovingness in the abundance of health, peace and compassion.
The human race, thanks to the instancy of modern life, is wearying of the old polarised and
unloving concepts, religions and philosophies.
We stand on the very edge of an amazing and truly wonderful age in the history of humankind.
To be true to our destiny, we must be true to our name....kind humans :)
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Playtime is over

What we appear to need in this modern world,is a mechanism for celebrating our differences.
We have already created more than enough methods for condemning our differences.
The question to ask of ourselves, is which of these attitudes holds the highest probability for peace, harmony, and self fulfillment ( the expression of lovingness)
It is time for us to come into the consciousness of unconditional love, for the 'toys with which science has gifted us' are far too dangerous for us to 'play at being purposeful' any longer.

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Love's Logic

I've always believed in numbers and the equations and logics that lead to reason.

But after a lifetime of such pursuits, I ask,

"What truly is logic?"

"Who decides reason?"

My quest has taken me through the physical, the metaphysical, the delusional -- and back.

And I have made the most important discovery of my career, the most important discovery of my life: It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reasons can be found.


John Nash: 1994 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences Acceptance Address


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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Potential Virus?

During this past week I have been receiving many
SUSPECT emails.
Suspect?  Well,take a look -
1.The subject says pdf file, the content is a PIF file
2. The subject says Photo,the content is a BHX file
3. The subject says 'Real Show', the contect is a UUE file
4. The subject says jpg, the content is a PLF file.
All of the ACTUAL attachment files are known or
possible carriers of virus, particularly the MyWife
virus, according to and other sources
The emails come from a Norwegian email address but
appear,unless its forged, according to the data I have
been given to originate in the Phillipines.
Never, never, NEVER open an email containing attachments
(in this case they are all over 100kb) if:
5. it comes from a person you do not know
6. you have not checked the 'file header' (you can do this
on most webmail systems without opening the attachment)
to make sure the file type that is ACTUALLY enclosed
poses no risk to your computer.
AND be very sure your protection measures (anti-virus,
anti-spyware, anti-phishing,etc) are absolutely up to date.
Interesting that people have the need to perform such
strange actions in the first place, huh?
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