Friday, November 09, 2001

TWO blogs today Friday 9th November 2001 15-30 CET
From the poem "Visions 2", Geoffrey Groom 1995

"i did not see a new heaven,
a new Jerusalem descending just for me.
We walked amidst the dusty streets of poverty,
journeyed down the dark alleyways of illness,
we rushed across the sanded dunes of drought,
and slowly climbed the hundred hills of hunger.
they dragged me to the abyss of abuse,
or sailed me on the seas of enslaved misuse,
we inched across the chasm of ignorance
and upon the grave of apathy we did dance!
i heard happy singing in the halls of homelessness
and saw children playing on the dead carcass of greed.
No, i saw no new heaven,
for my eyes were filled with weary tears.
i beheld no new Jerusalem
as my mind encompassed a million fears.
i sank into the deep black darkness of my doubt
.........and at that thought
felt my hand grasped tighter by the little hand it held.

i heard words spoken like as music,
melodies of happiness and love
lifting my vision far above
my melancholy contemplations.
and as i viewed around me
a million childish lips moved in angelic rhythm,
a spasm of realistic hope electrified my consternation.
" It is coming
You will see,
coming to humanity"

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Friday 9th November 2001 15-00 hrs
I have been asked to elaborate upon the words "but there is no hierarchy
of spirituality - this is called equality" written on 6th November in the blog
entitled "Coincidences". I am somehwat puzzled that an explanation of the
obvious is I will answer in this way:

In the book of Genesis (Jewish and Christian tradition) the FIRST covenant
made by 'God' to anyone upon earth...was to all peoples, all creatures, of the
earth. In that early writing there was no distinction or inequality.

Islam declares that all ("men") are equal before Allah.

To the best of my knowledge Siddharta Gautama,(himself a former Prince)
"the Buddha", in the Four Noble Truths and Eight Fold Path, made no
qualification as to 'rights or priviledges of office". These concepts were
available to all - equally.

In Hinduism there is/was the 'caste system'. Originally this was a
kind of "colour-bar" (the sanskrit for caste, varna, means colour)
imposed by the invading Aryans who conquered the indigenous
Dravidians in about 1500 BC. This was originally a self-defence
mechanism that evolved into a 'tradition''. Gandhi, whom I regard
as the 'Father of modern India" said that it were better that the Hindu
faith die rather than the 'caste system' continue... a very bold
statement from a very pious man. He himself renamed the 'untouchables'
(the lowest caste) as 'Harajan'..meaning 'children of God'.

All of these major religions speak of it being wrong to commit murder.
The blessed Mohhamed spoke strongly about this. The Buddha, in the
moral code the Five Precepts, listed the first as being " to abstain from
taking life", the Ten Commandments of the Judao-Christian tradition
"thou shalt not commit murder" and the Hindu faith teaches respect
and reverence for life in all it's forms. Equality of 'right to life'

In 'the Oneness' all are loved unconditionally, ergo equally. There are no
masters nor servants, masters nor disciples, Gurus nor followers, Priests
nor congregations. There is no spiritual hierarchy and whenever in history
one has developed it has always created a barrier to the full expression of
the 'lovingness'. For men are men, vanity is vanity, ego is ego.

Those who think themselves 'masters' should consider, for a moment, the
'gift of lovingness' they receive from their 'followers'. This is a cause for
humility, not pride....celebration not castigation.
There are those who, in their need, will say "ah, but I have been called to
lead/instruct/teach for humans are silly creatures and need discipline"
substitute "fools" for silly creatures and "control" for discipline and we get
more the reality of the fundamental thinking.Respectful, huh?

If all are aspects of the Oneness, expressions of the 'lovingness' then all, all
at all times are doing exactly that which is their fullest expression of who or
what they wish to be at any moment in time. We are 'creating machines' always
...and in all ways....expressing and exploring the limitlessness of the lovingness.

If we take notice of those 'coincidences', those 'surprises', listen to our feelings
we will always see the presence of the lovingness. We are just as incapable
of doing this in whatever 'role' we play in life....yet far more capable of doing
it than we dare to comprehend. In this we are all equal.

Nor do I, who write, dare to presume to think that I am 'teaching' you who read.
For I can say nothing that you do not already, spiritually, know. If you seize
on a phrase I write and call it 'a truth' (note, not THE truth)...then this is only
because you already hold this truth within you...if you did not, you could
not recognise it, huh? We could not remind ourselves of it, huh?

There is equality in all things within the 'lovingness', you know it.
Any true expression of 'the lovingness' in and through our aspected reality
contains respect, humility , LOVE. Each leads to the other and each is
inter-dependant. Equal. You know it.
As we are all, whatever colour, nationality, political persuasion, religious
tradition........we are all equal in the 'lovingness' of the 'Oneness'
Know it, don't you?

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Thursday, November 08, 2001

Thursday 8th November 2001 21-00 CET
Traditional winter
It used to be that winter came long before Christmas. That was
in the 'good old days' (good, I suppose, because we over-romanticise
them). Then we went into that 'global warming thing' and winter's
started occurring after Christmas.

Well, this year it has returned to the old,traditional pattern.
Or so it seems.In the last 36 hours winter seems to have
come in full force. Low temperatures, blizzard-like snows
and all the 'traditional' aspects that accompany the 'good,old'
routines of nature.

And how we love our traditions, huh?

Yet ask anyone what tradition is and not many will
actually give a rational answer beyond saying "it's something
our fathers did, and their fathers before them, and so on".
That's nice, that linkage with lineage, that statement of 'roots'

That is, of course, why we all still ride horses and carts.HUH?
Its why preachers use microphones or 'bullhorns', temples
use electric light and most, given the opportunity, use the media.
Now, what's that got to do with anything?

Simply this, a tradition is something that grew out of a need
within the society of it's day. At least it is when applied to
such things as law, hygeine,cultural practice and...hmmmm...

Many of the traditions contained within Holy Books were
excellent traditions/cultural norms at the time the books were
written. Concepts expressed in allegories, stories and understandable
rhetoric.But, 'life goes not backward nor tarries in yesterday'
and nor should tradition dictate the precise, exact, miniscule
details of a belief/faith. For when tradition overrules the
'lovingness in the now' it has ceased to be the constructive
tool that served it's related society or culture. It has now
become a stumbling block to the experiencing and awareness
of the 'ever present, PRESENT, lovingness'.

To 'hide' in the over-romanticised perceptions of the past
and/or of tradition is not only is actually
destructive. It seeks to hinder, inhibit, restrict the fullest
possible experiencing of the 'now'.

So what are we offered as an alternative to this 'now', well,
of course, we are offered by the varying 'traditions' which are
the power control structures of established 'religions' the.....
then! This is ok except that there never is a 'then'. That which
is past is, at best, an over-romanticised perception of a non-participated
reality...that which is to come is a fantasised expectation that will never
be real-ised for as long as it remains a fantasised hope.
Only in 'the now' is there reality...for all else is simply conjecture.

Tradition serves it's culture, it's society. When it ceases to serve
and seeks to become master it has abandoned all claim for respect
or recognition.

At the time of Abraham, for example, human sacrifice was moderately
common amongst many tribes of the area. That's the 'tradition' Abraham
was following when he went up the mountainside with Isaac. Abraham's
own inner voice, the voice of his lovingness, spoke to him and told him
to sacrifice the goat caught in the brambles, not his own son. EEEEEEK!

Of course, that is not correct...he heard God's voice telling him, didn't he?

In the Oneness, precious ones, the difference between the two is only
in perception. The Christian doctrines speak of the 'indwelling God'. Many
faiths speak of the 'God within and the God without'. Well, I could get
into a long discussion about this........ but I will simply say......was it just
coincidence that Abraham 'heard' that voice there on the mountain top?
It was certainly a surprise....for the dearest wish of Abraham's lovingness
toward his own son was 'granted' and he broke with tradition, transgressed
the accepted norms!

I guess, in the final analysis, it doesn't matter that much whether it was
Abraham's imagination or ' God's intervention' ...or both(which it more likely
was).....the end result was a clear statement of love as opposed to a
cold statement of tradition.

Tradition is a statement of a past perception...a statement of a 'modified
codus' is not immovable. Tradition grew out of a perceived need. It's
branches did not, however, stop growing nor did the tree of progress
cease to bear it's fruits.

Whenever tradition fights against such statements of 'the lovingness', in
whatever religious or social structure it is found, it has nothing to do
with a perception of Unconditional love....a comprehension of the
limitless lovingness of the Oneness.

It speaks a dead language from a dead tree. Those who would
seek to defend tradition by not allowing it to blossom, mutate,
transmute.......... kill the tree.Had Abraham not 'broken with traditional
custom and practice' would there be a Jewish religion, a Christian
religion...and a few other

There is a condition called the 'lovingness' could call it a
'tradition' if you wanted too...except that always, always
and in all ways, the lovingness is now and the lovingness
seeks every which way to speak to us of it's unconditionality.

It's minus 1 C out there and the chill factor of the strong wind
must add quite a good few extra minus degrees to that. But, it's
ok in here...I got the stove going....I have all that dead wood
to keep me warm and comfortable :):)

Hmmm..that is it's purpose, isn't it?

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Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Wednesday 7th November 2001 16-30 CET
Grey heavily laden skies and a temperature, at the time of writing, of just
1 degree C, are messengers of the winter that is now obviously fully
arrived. It has sent it's snowflake emails and a slight covering of snow
lies on the land and precariously perches upon the trees and bushes.
The slightest of winds occasionally dislodging some and drifting them
in fractal designs against the landscape.

This is not actually such a surprise, it is now November and quite often
in the last 10 years the winter has started in the first week of October.

The surprise today is the decision to re-visit India in January, to once again
sense the wonder of that country and the special tolerance shown by
most of it's people. This also provides the opportunity to visit some
special places that hold great meaning for me...the place where Gandhi
was assasinated for example. When I first visited India and Gandhi Smitri
(thats the place) I was overcome with a profound sense that his spirit was
very evident in 'the now'. He was a truly incredible man of whom Einstein
wrote "generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever,
in the flesh, walked upon this earth". I have always, as an englishman
and an inheritor of all the aspects of the English colonialist history,
always felt that the long suffering people of India were also very special -
for, despite every reason to hate us, they had hearts that were open to receive
Gandhi's message and followed him in his non-violent crusade against we
english. A crusade that often shamed us and caused us to re-examine
our morality and values. A crusade that eventually led to the Independence
of India....and yet still retained a 'valued friendship' with England.

It was a demonstration, at the time of World Wars and such, that honesty
and humility can more enlighten the oppressor than many other things.

So many years have passed since Gandhi 'walked upon the earth' and as
I look around at the terrible waste of life, the horrors of some man-created
actions and 'non-loving inspired rhetoric', I wish so often and so much that
a 'new Gandhi' were amongst us all. Ah, the pathway of human progress is
often littered with the examples of non-progress, huh? And so very often,
too often, that pathway is signposted with the graves of the future.....the children.
It is not always easy to comprehend the aspects of 'the lovingness'

For example, I have heard it quoted that 'the poor will always be with us',
to which I respond, 'yes, that is so...for they seek to remind us of the
principle of inter-dependence that is the basis of "the lovingness".
Yet, the time will come when there shall be no poor, for our 'realised
value-system' will have transmuted the importance of material possession
into the value of people'.

Travelling to India will also, hopefully, allow me to unite with some
incredibly special friends... people who opened their hearts and home
to a somewhat strange englishman that they did not know. People who
gave and shared without requiring anything in return...and indeed being
offended when payment was offered . I remember so clearly, so clearly
as yesterday, that it was shown to me that the offer of payment for hospitality
received was as though I placed dirt in the hand of him to whom it was offered.
That came as a wonderfully profound spiritual experience to me...and I
shall remain thankful throughout all my life for those 'coincidences' that caused
my weary footsteps to find sanctuary for my body and my spirit
within such a truly loving and caring environment. Their humility
would doubltess be offended if I were to mention them by full name and
location here in this blog.......but Dinesh, his generous hearted Mother and his
truly devout and honourable Father.....they know who they are and where
they are. I stumbled into a shop.....and discovered a temple of 'lovingness'

Life is full of surprises, 'coincidences?', if we are willing to be open to them
and to trust in the lovingness of 'the Oneness'. The more you test it,
the more you try it out, the more you are open to see it......the more obvious it

That's the real surprise! It is through the ordinary things that the extra-ordinary
is always present and can be found if we are willing to see it. Individually
experiencing and without pre-condition. No hype, no flashing lights, no ad news headlines. Just an ever-present undercurrent of 'lovingness'
waiting to surprise us :):)

You see, that's another surprise. 'God', however you choose to define it, Him, Her,
or even refuse to define ....... that 'lovingness' is unconditional. NO CONDITIONS.
That's what real love is. It loves us as we are and does not set conditions on how we
'ought to be'. That's part of the mistake of the religious orgs, a misunderstanding
of the boundlessness of the lovingness. We are doing exactly, we are being exactly,
that for which we came into this experiencing reality at any given moment in time.
Anyone who thinks differently misunderstands the enormity of the 'lovingness'
Anyone who thinks differently does not fully comprehend the meaning of
'UNCONDITIONAL love'. Anyone who feels there is something that God is,
or is not, commits a fundamental error in their understanding of 'the Oneness'

Once you truly experience it,become 'aware, conscious' of it,
it truly does change your perception of who you really are.
For we are a part of 'the Oneness' and can never be parted from it.
We are an aspect of 'the lovingness' as each snowflake is an individualised
aspect of winter. It matters not if we melt into a re-created form,
for that which is our essence, an energised aspect of 'the lovingness',
that is for always. Unconditionally.

Once you start giving out unconditional love, the surprises, the 'coincidences',
the energy of 'the lovingness' starts to overwhelm you like an much
so that you could never have believed that you could contain so much joy nor
give out so much love.

It's a REAL surprise, hehehehehe. And it's UNCONDITIONAL !
It's happening even without your awareness and conscious participation.LOL

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Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Tuesday 6th November 2001 13-50 CET
WOW! It's snowing!! Really, it's snowing!
Honestly, I just posted the last blog, looked
up from my pc's snowing?

Manna fom Heaven ?

ooooops, coincidences, hahahahaa

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Tuesday 6th November 2001 13-00 hrs CET
You know it. It's happened to you so many times. You do
something, even think something, and within a short while
there comes another url (uncannily related linkage) from
out of the existence ether.

The first times it happens we tend to dismiss it as simply
'coincidences'. Then, when it keeps on happening, we
start to become suspicious - even paranoid (!) - imagining
some great control freak is exercising moves in a bizarre
game of life. The suspicion makes us angry for these
sublte fantasised manoeverings attack our sense of self and
independence evoking memories of childhood at school maybe
when the occasional teacher was a 'control freak'. Naturally
we didn't like the teacher! As a result we probably didn't like
the taught subject - hmmm - our 'emotional intelligence' was
developed as a protective mechanism first and foremost.

This anger/fight-or-flight mechanism is probably also
triggered strongly in our teen years, as we do the natural
and normal thing of self-assertion and self-recognition. This
is probably why so many enter their first power-play
disenchantment scenario with the 'organised religions' during
those teen years - the PR job done for *god* by so many
of these orgs closely resembles those 'control freak teachers', huh?

You know it. It's happened to you so many times. Even
when involved in some 'religious control scenario' you
knew, you had your feelings, that something wasn't
quite 'in balance' about the scenario - THEN - WHAM -
along came that 'coincidence' to reinforce your understanding
that it indeed was not 'in balance'. You know it, huh?
Remember, they said 'God is Love' and also said 'and God'll
beat the hell outa you if you don't behave in this way or that way'.
And you knew, deep inside you knew/understood that this
was an 'unbalanced God ' that these 'PR folk' were pushing.
You know it. It happened again, just as you thought "I'll
give this religion thing another try', -WHAM - along came
a 'coincidence', an invincible 'strong feeling rush' that caused
you to 'log off' the 'religion' chatboard! huh? Did you log off
or where you set up to be 'kicked', hehehehe.

You see, I strongly feel there are NO coincidences. Even every
leaf on a tree is unique. Every tree unique. Everything that is
not 'man-made' is unique. 5 billion folk=5 billion 'unique
perceptions of The Oneness'. 5 billion 'different religions'.
You know it. You sense it immediately, especially when the
indoctrination/propaganda/control machine starts to mess with
your spirit. Especially at such moments along come these
'coincidences'.Then, we are told, we should not listen to
this 'inner voice' because it is the voice of some fantasised
creature called 'the devil', hahahahahaha. The Chairman of
the Board of, hahahahaha.

You know it. You know it because, in spiritual terms,
into this reality, this experiencing, knowing all,ALL, the
spiritual truths. Oh yeah, we have to learn the methodologies
of existing in this reality, the internet of interaction with the
'physical expression of the conceputalities' - but not the spiritual
truths. Those we all came here knowing. I can't tell you
anything you don't already know, sense. Maybe we can
'remind each other' now and then, but there is no hierarchy
of spirituality - this is called equality!

Reminders? Oh, yeah, that's where I came in, coincidences :)

Out of the ether yesterday I got an email - not from someone
who reads this blog (can you believe it, such people do exist,
hahaha). Yesterday I was talking about 'Ageism' especially
with reference to ageist segregation directed at the young in
our world. I talked about 'the world of respectful humility'.
POW. There in the email:

" Follow the three R's: Respect for self, respect for others,
responsibility for all your actions."

Words of a beautifully loving person, the Dalai-Lama from
his Thoughts for The Millenium book. A wonderfully humble

Now, ain't that

And do you want to know something really weird? I could
never have thought that these words would have been sent
to me from the person, the physical person, who sent them.

There ain't no stopping the communication web of
"The Lovingness" that is an aspect of "The Oneness"
:). No Denial of Service attacks, netsplits or verbal
virusses stop this linkage, hahahahahaha

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Monday, November 05, 2001

Monday 5th November 2001 18-00 hours.
PC stability
Ok. After two weeks of relative frustration my PC now seems to
be operating in a stable mode.The new Motherboard, new HDD , new
graphic card and new OS (new to me, but only 98SE) seems to
have resolved the problems. Now I can get 'blogging' again with
a sense of continuity.

My old PC carried me through the early crisis but it is the newer
PC that is the future. Hmmm. Now that's a familiar theme. A presumption
that the 'old is better' simply because it plods along is dangerous.
I am reminded of what Kalil Gibran wrote when speaking of
children/young people:
"You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls
For their souls dwell in the House of Tomorrow, which
you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them
like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday"

I had so much old clutter, failed or outdated programmes,
bugs and unresolved problems, on my old HDD it's no wonder
everything crashed. It's good to 'clean out' by bringing
in the more progressive technology. It's the same with folk.
If 'older folk' don't expose themselves to the creativity and
unlimited imagination that are the hallmarks of youth, then
there is the risk of 'stagnating and eventually becoming inoperative
in terms of sensing the wonder of the life experience'.

"Ah, but one should have respect for age", I hear the whispered
mumblings. To which I respond, which age? For I have known
many a wise young person and many an old fool in my life.
Is not respect the right of everyone? For what reason
should respect be offered to honour years of continuing
experiential errors? Better rather to respect the creative
impulsiveness of youth that sees no man-created limitations
If an older person has not entered the 'world of respectful humility'
then they have no right to demand respect for themselves...this
is simply an "ego/power/control scenario" which probably exists to
support insecurities.

"Keep me away
from the wisdom that cannot cry,
the philosophy that cannot laugh,
and the pride
which does not bow before children/youth"

For, in truth, children/youth "are the sons and daughters of Life's
longing for itself"(Gibran again) and are the expression of Life's
progression towards perfection and paradise. That is worthy
of respect from all ages, for it is the nature of progress to
challenge 'what is' and create that which is yet to be. If that were
not so then humanity would never have become the dominant earth
species. The ability to question is the seed of creativity, improvement,
progress. For we cannot question what are subconscious is not already
resolving. The answer is in the question, huh?

That 'which was' is simply the herald, the pathmaker, for that
which is to be in Life's progressive drive towards infinity.If
I hadn't had Win95, then Win98 how could I possibly understand

So I respectfully suggest that if you are over 20 years of
age that you expose yourself regularly - and respectfully -
to the creativity of those younger than you. It's the spiritual
'new harddisk' that allows you to be fully functional in this
progression we call the life experience.

For what is the point of being in this reality if not to translate
concept into experience? Crunching the binaries of
this reality to attain the required solution, concept into experience.

What's the point of a new programme if the operating system
can't translate it into an active, creative tool?

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