Friday, July 25, 2008

We exist in a cocoon of armchair observation. Well many do and I am one of them. Life,country,religion has never required of me that I must go to war. I am of a blessed generation living in a blessed area of the world. Whatever I could say,therefore,about war, about my deep idealism towards pacifism and yet my logical awereness of the need for reality in these issues, pales into insignificance when confronted with a sober,intelligent and 'objective' essay. An essay that can find these things in the midst of war:
the stubbornness of love
the fierceness of moral clarity
the quietness of courage
the indivisibility of integrity and the importance of
a single dissenting voice
My words are simply opinions. The words of Roger Cohen are insightful and clearly deeply-caring observations that have an authority which commands respect.
You can read his full 'essay' here:
Let us remember,as we read, the emotional and intellectual trauma that lingers like a cess-pit stench even in the heart and mind of a trained observer when confronted by the horrors of war - and not least the 'intellectual gymnastics' (that offend every moral fibre of our being) performed by many who wage war.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When someone attempts to encourage us to hate - or be intolerant - it is well to remember where that journey ends......

For so often, so tragically often, it is the children that pay the highest price for our foolishness

This young boy (13) was executed in Srebrenica. He was of the 'wrong religion' in the 'wrong place' at the 'wrong time'........ but there can never be a justification for the wrong that was done to him.