Thursday, January 05, 2006

The attraction of opposites

I was recently asked 'do you really think that our spirit chooses to

undergo some of the life experiences we have had - even the
bad ones?'

Now this may take a couple of blogs to lets start here:
If we are indeed eternal spirits and choose to enter again into
this 'metaphor of relativity' we call life, then it follows that since
unconditional love can deny us nothing...we also choose to enter
into that environment, that conjunction of circumstances, which is
most likely to permit us to experience that aspect,or aspects,of our
divine nature which we wish to distinct from know.

Now, as previously stated within this blog, experiencing a 'thing' is
not always the only way to 'understand our knowingness',Sometimes
it is the absence of 'a thing' that highlights our knowingness.

In the process of the pathway we may experience our knowingness by
meeting with either the manifestation of it, or the absence of manifestation
of it - or the opposite of it.

For example, we may focus on the innocence of childhood:the experience
of innocence as a spiritual truth could be known by 'experiencing childhood
innocence', or experiencing the opposite. Our spirit knows the difference, but
often a 'thing' is higlighted, emphasised in our consciousness when it meets it's
The 'meeting of opposites' serves the purpose of allowing our spirit to manifest
in our consciousness our knowledgeof a higher understanding. Once we have
confirmed in our consciousness this awareness, we might ask ourselves in what
way our spirit wishes us to use this awareness 'for the benefit of the tribe'.

Does it benefit the tribe if our meeting with the opposite 'destroys us?. You see,
the question is absurd.Remember how we started this....if we are indeed eternal

However, if a life circumstance has emptied you...then rejoice in this blessing,
for soon you shall be filled to overflowing and that which scarred you shall also
be for your healing.

Yeha Noha

Well, here we go again with the blogging :) Another

year I hope you will find this New Year of 2006 to

be the most exciting, fulfilling and satisfying year of

your life so far.

Yeha Noha, greetings of joy and prosperity

(this blog has been retrospectively edited

using the Qumana programme...just to test it)