Monday, December 13, 2010

hasty judgements

stockholm bombing-001










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It is well for us all to remember that the vast majority of Western-based Muslims are

as horrified by this development as we are. It would be good to know how many

innocent Muslims were actually in Drottninggatan at or around that time.

The fact that a  so –called Jidadist website web-site claims the 'lone'(?) bomber was

acting on behalf of Al-Quaeda is simply that – a claim. It appears the man so far

identified was also of exceptionally high moral and religious character – married

with 2 children he nevertheless was to be found on the ' Muslima dating website'.


So, just to be sure we understand, the Q'ran expressly forbids the murder of innocents.

This was no more a religious act than climbing everest proves the world is flat.

The actions of an emotionally or psychologically disoriented individual do not

represent any recognisable tenets of a true religion – if those actions are without

love, they have nothing to do with God.

A true religion – and it's leaders – finds ways to heal wounds and and not create more pain.