Saturday, June 23, 2012

the crumbling edifice

I prophecy this is the first of many,many such cases!


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Extract from the document "Crimens Sollicitationis" issued by the 'Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith', a department of which the present Pope was once the head.

"I do promise, vow and swear that I will maintain inviolate secrecy about each and every thing brought to my knowledge in the performance of my aforesaid function, excepting only what may happen to be lawfully published when this process is concluded and put into effect … and that I will never directly or indirectly, by gesture, word, writing or in any other way, and under any pretext, even that of a greater good or of a highly urgent and serious reason, do anything against this fidelity to secrecy, unless special permission or dispensation is expressly granted to me by the Supreme Pontiff."

So, perhaps it's better to be the 'fall guy' and go to prison…than to be excommunicated for telling the Police/civil authorities about crimes committed by the clergy! Oh, what a martyr to hypocrisy!