Thursday, October 04, 2001

Thursday 4th October 2001 22-00 CET
Pleasant discoveries
Nice days seem to happen more often in my 'hermit-like life'.
Today I have had some very pleasant surprises that serve to
remind me of just how marvellous people can be.
My PC problem is now very close to being solved. All problems
usually are solved given patience, for I feel a problem is only
a solution awaiting it's time of birth. My PC problem is being
solved, after already devoting much helpful time, by the
company/staff from whom I bought the components.

Sometimes it's so much more important the way a thing is done
than that it is done. That can certainly be said of the team at a
company called Hog Data. I mean I'm not the biggest buyer in the
world, but when you are somehow made to feel like 'family', many
many months after you have bought, it's a good feeling from good
A new cooker was delivered today and that came from some 'experts
in customer satisfaction' also. Bert and Jan and the team at Expert.
It's so nice when you got to do business that it can be done with such
kindness and courtesy.

We all have to survive in this world, meet our responsibilities, look to
our own needs and those of our families - but, hey, isn't it just so
beautiful when people live their lives as a reality expression of who
they are as opposed to simply what they are ?

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Monday, October 01, 2001

Monday 1st October 2001 23-00 CET
The pc problem is slowly appears more to be a Motherboard
fault than anything else. A couple of months ago our phone line took
a surge from nearby lightning. It took out our cordless phone and my
modem (I usually have my modem and pC unplugged at such times,
but this time I was not near enough to do it in the time allowed*). So, maybe
that hurt my pc as well (:

*Which all goes to show that good thoughts are no substitute for actions.

Similar words to these were used today by Mayor Guiliani as he spoke to
the UN about the need to act with resolve - pass the appropriate resolutions -
to help the international legal framework deal with the scourge of terrorism.

I guess any definition of Paradise would generally include that we were free
to do what we liked - except to harm each other. In my lifetime I have been
able to witness the growing awareness of our interdependence as human
beings, nations and creatures of the earth. I have witnesed the growing
acceptance of the sanctity of human life: presidents have fallen, nations
disintegrated, major movements have occurred in relation to international
intervention where a country has been decimating it's own populations.

The world has got smaller, closer and through the internet media we all
have friends - some very precious who we've never even met - all around
the world. Tolerance and understanding are blossoming in the hearts
of good folks and our reactions to natural disasters, worldwide, speaks
of a world of hope.

There are injustices: there are inequalities: there are divisions...but two
wrongs never did make one right! Anything, anything, that seeks to inhibit
the growth of respect for each other.....must be resisted with all possible
(and wherever possible non-violent) means.

When Gandhi spoke to Imperialist England he addressed a nation
with a heart, with some codes of morality. He showed us our
inadequacies by educating us into principles of respect for human

But how can you educate someone who has no respect for themselves?
How can you talk to someone about dignity and the preciousness of life
when they do not even see it for themselves? When in their hope-less-ness
they even deny hope to others?

In the face of such horror as we have recently witnessed,
actions do speak louder than words, manifestations more than

The United Nations need to be just that...united.
*In the oneness'

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Sunday, September 30, 2001

Sunday 30th September 2001 12-00 CET
Uh-Oh, pc down!
Amazing! Despite obtaining the latest anti-virus prog and a
whole new backup sys, my main PC is down! It appears to
be, from the symptoms, a virus and a particularly nasty one.

I take all the precautions: I don't open mail enclosures from
people I don't know, I have 'live av prog' that intercepts all
internet incoming data and checks it, firewalls to block
scripts unless I choose to accept them.....and now it looks
like 8 gig of accumulated data will disappear!

I have cd backups of the most important stuff..but it's the
extra work and inconvenience of it all that is a nuisance.
Thank goodness for my 'old machine' that at least ,so far,
allows me some communication.

So, find the blessing in this then, huh? Hmmm.....well I did
have a lot of 'old stuff' in my pc, so now if I must rebuild the
HDD I can have a really good sort out - only re-installing that
which is important.

Strange isn't it, how a 'personal catastrophe' (and living where
I live, loving my pc like I love it, it is a personal catastrophe when
such a problem hits), concentrates the mind and heart on what is
really important?

It's not exactly that all my data has disappeared forever, it's more
that I have to find a way to access it. A way to communicate with
it. Rediscover a methodology of inter-action.

Now that sounds a little bit like quite a few spiritual concepts,
huh? Like, since we are spiritual beings then we know all there
is to know - in spiritual terms. We just have to find the methodology
of inter-action between our 'life experiencing self' and our 'spiritual
awareness self'.

As with my old PC, we can find many insights in many of the
'old truths' - without the necessity to be 'old' in our thinking and
lovingness. Huh?

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