Saturday, September 05, 2009

On Grief 1

Be gentle with yourself,Precious One. Allow your heart time to weep -  for you, and we, have misplaced a great treasure and we must patiently wait for the floods of our feelings to subside before we shall see the shining of his/her presence in our hearts again.



These days are precious days, let them move at their own pace and have no regard to how it may look to others. Try not to be angry and impatient with yourself but rather,if the burden becomes almost too heavy, decide to light a candle and as you light it concentrate,concentrate on one - just one - happy and joyful memory you have of that loved One…


burning candle record26105


it will take you the rest of your lifetime and a lot of candles and even then you will not have exhausted the supply of wonderful memories that have been lovingly,magically woven into your being.


It takes the joys of love to heal love's sorrows

.  gg

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Lest we forget

Something else also happened this day as well as the 'official' start of WW2.


within 3 days 186 children had been starved, denied water and then





It always seems to be so disastrous for humanity when politics gets all mixed up with religion – especially if the religion is pretty mixed up in the first place


Monday, August 31, 2009

To thine own self be true

It is a source of constant amazement and, yes, dismay to me as I get older to observe how often people simply cannot dare,or trust, to be themselves or to be fully open.
Fearing they will be used, abused or cheated in some way they so often compromise themselves.
I have even witnessed,regrettably many times, great spiritual principles or beliefs traded and sold for a pocketful of dust.      

No one can take your dignity if you do not give it to them.
No one can take your integrity if you do not sell it to them.
No one can steal your love, for in truth Love is only ours to possess in that moment that we give it away.Until that
 moment we are possessed by love.