Saturday, December 02, 2017

Dare to be You… that’s religion!

No matter the mainstream theology, the message is much the same…God Created You. And like the flowers in the field, we are all different, it’s the differences in the field of flowers that makes the  whole so, so magnificently beautiful. Ergo, you were created to be different. Not to conform.To be self-responsible and figure out the sum of life yourself, not copy the answer from someone else’s book.

Sure, there are others in history who have walked a pathway and through their walk we can see guidelines, signposts. But, the world is always changing and the panorama of existing that they saw is not the same as today.The circumstances of experiencing change through time as our own colouring of perceptions changes.

If you would truly be you, if you would truly honour  God that is in you, then treasure your uniqueness – there is not another soul-diamond in the whole of eternity that is as you are at this moment.

LH-embrace difference