Saturday, January 23, 2016

No return

If you once open your heart to all the beauty that surrounds you……

If you once allow your mind to find your God in all this beauty….

If you once do this, it is very difficult for your expanded awareness

to retreat back into the desert of hatred.



Sunday, January 17, 2016

the butterfly effect

small acts multiplied


heart vision

following the money….0010

prophet money

Hillsong money

and this from Reuters shows how Daesh is so busy accumulating money…at the rate of £80 million a month just from oil alone


Daesh bank bombed


want to know how ‘spiritual’ an organisation/person is?   follow the money

One day we will all awaken…..

Syria-unending pain

One day we will all awaken and know,feel,experience in our whole being that we have no need, no desire, to permit this kind of scene to continue upon this earth.

It is always the children who pay for our foolishness.

The world needs a massive expansion of the lovingness that we can all bring to these problems. It has started….now we all need to expand our hearts .