Monday, December 31, 2012


new year 2103

New Year enters 2013


Aye, and what is time
but the marking of a memory upon life's walk.
And what is a memory
but a time-stamped experience
a beat of creativity
that is the rhythm
of our eternal spirit's talk.

The dialects of our lovingness
paint the clouds
shape the snowflakes
mark the moments with a tenderness
of compassion and of caring

Aye, and what is this life's walk
if not a wondrous journey
blessed by sharing
And what is this 'now' moment,
this second standing before our eyes
if not another gift of enlightenment,
a glimpse wherein we realise....
we are all one.

That which we do or give to another
we do most surely likewise to ourself.
                                                                                   ©geoff groom