Saturday, September 05, 2015

masks of mankind-0001

(NEWSER) – Thousands of exhausted, elated migrants reached their dream destinations of Germany and Austria today, completing epic journeys by boat, bus, train, and foot to escape war and poverty. Before dawn, they clambered off a fleet of Hungarian buses at the Austrian border to find a warm welcome from charity workers offering beds and hot tea. Within a few more hours of rapid-fire aid, many found themselves whisked by train to destinations in Austria and Germany.

The surprise overnight effort, which involved about 100 busloads of migrants and refugees, eased immediate pressure on Hungary, which has struggled to manage the flow of thousands of migrants arriving daily from non-EU member Serbia.

(Mailonline) The new horror for Iraq's kidnapped children: UN report reveals ISIS is selling youngsters from minorities as sex slaves, turning them into suicide bombers and crucifying them if they disobey

U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child reveals horrific fate of children
ISIS uses them as sex slaves, suicide bombers and human shields
Others are murdered by beheading, crucifixion or being buried alive
U.N. body denounces systematic killing of children belonging to minorities
Calls on Iraqi government to do everything it can to rescue the children


And I heard a disconnected voice fanatically screaming in the distance, 'the West is evil'.