Sunday, September 09, 2012

eschatology…the last days


If you look back into the archives of this blog – which has now been blogging for 11 years (since certainly 6th September 2001) -060901 ito  blog  you will often find criticism of religious institutions. Understand please, these are not criticisms of faith in God (however or whoever you perceive him/her to be).

These are criticisms, observations of discernment,which seek only to cast light upon contradiction or hypocrisy and permit a light of truth to shine upon all that is hidden.

In the last decade we have witnessed the breakdown of the power of religious institutions of differing sects, denominations, creeds. This from within not as a result of some external force. Islam is involved in a civil war within itself, Judaism is stained by the behaviour of the State of Israel, Hinduism in practice continues the disgrace of the caste system decades after Gandhi wished it would die tomorrow if it did not discard the caste system. Christianity is tortured by contradictory doctrine and a deeply conflicted comprehension of what Christ actually said and did.

Yet, all of these share much that is good in common, reflecting what Jung called 'archetypes of the subconscious'. They also share much that is undesirable and downright disgustingly wicked.These institutions are, after all, in the 'spiritual business' and often have little regard for the instructions of the CEO.

Watch out for this documentary coming to your screens soon…but don't simply limit your understanding of it to the Vatican and the present Pope, please.You can find this atrocity in every religion to some degree or other, wherever men lose sight of faith and substitute habitual ritual.

mea-maxima-culpaclicking on the image will take you to the YouTube trailer for this documentary