Monday, November 27, 2006

"Often it is only in silence that you first hear the symphony of creativity
playing the melody of lovingness.

Once heard, it starts to become like the background music
to the film of your life.

Until one day you understand, you are the melody"

Sunday, November 26, 2006

When we can behold the wonder and beauty of a flower we have reached a place of lovingness in our being whereby we also have the possibility to behold the wonder and beauty of another human being - even if they do nor agree with us or share our views.........especially if they do not agree with us or share our views.

It is the incredible uniqueness of everything that creates such a stupendous range of experiencing within our life walk.

And for what purpose did you come to this 'realm of relativity' if not to experience that

which you knew as a concept?

The reality of lovingness is absolute: in the realm of the absolute and in the realm of the relative.

Indeed, when it comes to love and lovingness there is no seperation between absolute and relative. a manifestation of this reality

Universal love

"Three teenagers who robbed and vandalised a church in the US state of
Montana will get "love baskets" of electronic games by the congregation"
this was a report carried by the BBC ( here ).

Faith in positive and loving action.

It set me to thinking that similar loving and forgiving actions are always
happening, all the time, in many different religions.I guess it's even
happening in the sadly sectarian-brutalising country of Iraq where
'muslims' are murdering each other in the name of 'faith'. Love has a
way of winning through, despite all obstacles, so I guess that loving
actions are happening in Iraq.

Maybe the media will one day report these things.I hope for the sake
of Islam that they do.

Anyway, thankfully and wonderfully the report became public about
the SHEC (oh, and please remember I am not an american and actually
I live in Sweden).

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