Saturday, January 09, 2016

sick saga of abuse…continues

The continuing and seemingless endless revelations about child abuse in the Catholic Church strikes further blows to the integrity of religious institutions. This is not simply a Catholic Church problem, it is one that spreads across many ‘religious organisations,  denominations,sects.’

Despite the undoubted sincere and best efforts of a new Pope, Pope Francis, to improve the image and actions of the Catholic Church his noble efforts are continually undermined by an undercurrent of scandal.

It is an amazing quirk of history that secular societies are teaching religious orgs and institutions new levels of morality and ethics.


So, take note Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, et al., it is not what you say, but what you do, that is the measure of your faith.

german choir abuse

Sunday, January 03, 2016

a divided house cannot stand


before you seek to place the house of my soul in order, with any religious belief/control system, you must first show me that that religion has it's own house in order - and that the order manifests a God of unconditional love.

For,to be sure, any definition of God which does not embrace unconditional love cannot survive.How do I know that God's love is unconditional? Ha! Look at what this loving God tolerates that is claimed to be in His name!

Religions,sects,cults, that are at war within themselves cannot offer a solution to my soul.