Monday, June 13, 2005

Revisited pathways
All is change in this life's walk, that is the nature of the
experience we call life. To resist change is to resist the
urge of life itself. To accept the challenge of change is
to continue the adventure of experiencing with all it's
potential for self-revelation, self-fulfillment.

When we do so, we should give all our heart to the
adventure and not seek to hide in the memories of the
pathway we have already walked.
We are surrounded by blessings.......
and don't even bother to count them!

Unhappiness is a 'relative' terminology....

the more we count our blessings
the more happiness relates to us


Pansy_small, originally uploaded by In The Oneness.

Everywhere we look, everywhere our senses
input the incredible wonder of this 'metaphor
of relativity' that we call the earth, the world,
everywhere all the time,
there is such incredible diversity,
such unnutterable beauty,
such ecstacy of experiencing....
It's all there, all the time.
Always in a state of constant change

It's there if you wish to see it
will take the moments as precious gifts
jewels of beauty
with which to enrich your life experiencing


dicentra_small, originally uploaded by In The Oneness.

see also the tapestry 'Dicentra'


DSCF3239ww, originally uploaded by In The Oneness.

a two headded tulip which appeared in our garden this year