Saturday, February 02, 2002

Saturday 2nd February 2002 21-30 cet
Safe return
Back from my travels! India, a most fascinating place. It is the home
of some truly extraordinary people. Warm, friendly, open and with a unique
ability to somehow encourage a higher manifestation of spirituality within
one's self.
Why this should be I am not entirely certain, but I believe there is a
fundamental and very ancient spiritual base within the society. Generally
speaking there always seems to be an atmosphere which is encouraging
to the best in a person. Of course, getting off the plane presents one with the
usual outside the terminal taxi cab hassles that are the hallmark of international
travel amost anywhere in the world. That aside, India has the amazing ability
to always 'present a willing helper' whenever one is needed and most normally
simply as a gesture of human caring without the requirement for payment.

It's an easy place to make new friends, good friends, respectful friends (if you are
also respectful!) and I have made so many new ones on this trip also.

So, to any of them who might happen to read this heartfelt thanks for
a wonderful trip, for innumerable kindnesses, for unconditional friendship and the
caring that accompanies it. From people who woke in the middle of the night to
wish me 'Bon Voyage', from a man who missed three buses in order to ensure we
would catch ours, for staff at guest lodges and hotels whose friendliness made
us feel like one of the family, for the staff and children at Sinai Orphanage who
blessed us with so many blessings.......... fellow travellers on trains whose
pleasurable company graced our journey. So many, so many beautiful
memories of wonderful people.
It was like an orchard in Autumn, ripe with fruits of lovingness and every place
the trees of life hanging heavy with such an abundance of fruits.

It is said that India is a poor country and by some economic measures
that is possibly true..........but if the character, conscientiousness and
humanity of a people is counted into such an equation, India overflows
with richness.

In The Oneness - no matter where we are - lovingness surrounds us
and embraces us, if we are willing to find the extraordinary in the
ordinary. In India it is so easy, so very easy, to find :):)

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