Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Monday 18th March 2002
It's an amazing sight. Whether in the Philippines,
The Caribbean, India, and I expect many, many
other places. A sight that doesn't really hit you
until you become exposed to some of the
financial data relating to the 'sight'.

Some of that financial data is starting to emerge
in places like Boston. Some has already shown
itself with regard to the activities of terrorists
linked to religious orgs. Some is displayed in
fictional form, as in Coppola's "The Godfather"
and even state sponsored institutions have
had data become public as a result of their
share dealings or property investments.Or, as
in Boston, India and many, many other places,
as a result of the depraved sexual activities of
clerics/religious leaders or the inhuman terrorist
aspects inspired by so called 'religious devouts'.

So, what is this sight? It's the sight of
religious orgs 'taking', "accepting",
"encouraging", "demanding"...financial
contributions - from the poor!!! Note, not
giving financial support to the poor, but taking
it from them.

In Coppola's film it happens to be from the 'rich',
but the film illustrates the vast wealth, subtle
power plays and political influence of many of
these religious orgs.These aspects also become
apparent when we see the 'control influence'
many of these orgs can have upon their
members. Ayodha is one example. The Taliban
another. The 'right wing conservative Christian'
movement another. All seek to impose their
version of 'what God wants from you' and
interpret 'Holy Books, Principles and dogma'
within a multinational conglomerate business
framework. Talk about 'anti-trust laws'. Hehehehe,
this is really the meaning of anti-trust - the abuse
of trust!

This control is incredible and often nationally
institutionalised and legalised. One example
known personally to me: A woman married a
person of another 'religious org'. Her own 'org'
didn't recognise the marriage!! Some years later
her husband ran off with another woman. Naturally
his 'unrecognised wife' sought a divorce. Under
the laws of that country, controlled by her religious
'org', a divorce was not possible. Yet, that religious
'org. never recognised the marriage in the first place.
So you have the absurd situation of a divorce not
being possible under the law for a marriage that
was not accepted by the 'org' whose power had
instituted that law in the first place. Catch 22, huh?

Whether a Church or a Mosque, a Temple or an
Ashram.....the sight of the poor "donating under
duress" to help maintain multi-national religious
'orgs' is ....hmmm....sick!

It is actions such as these, from within, that
destroys the credibility of such orgs. Going into
some 'religious org buildings' is almost a similar
experience as going in to a supermarket. This
is an abuse of power, an abuse of respect for
the individual - it is an abuse of the lovingness
that is the energy of 'The Oneness'.

It is these abuses, and many many more, that
are the sand on which these orgs are now built; control.
Control. It is these financial and control considerations
that are far more connected with inter-religious wars
than are principles of lovingness or enlightenment
or faith.

For those of you who have asked what
I mean by the term 'spiritual industry', I
hope this helps -just a little - to clarify the term.

There is an old saying, "Charity begins at home",
so before anyone starts 'giving', 'paying' their
'membership fees and attendance fees' to
multinational religious conglomerates or even the
'local business religious org' they
should stop and ask themselves...."is this food
from the mouths of my children or myself?"
If it is, be sure that "The Oneness" does not
require it from you.

How can there be such poverty, starvation, death
in this world when religious orgs have such wealth?
The one is the contradiction of the other, huh?

For centuries religious orgs have had a mechanism,
a facility, to channel resource from the wealthy to
the poor. They have done so occasionally, when it
suited their political or power based objectives.
They have done so occasionally, but always
conditionally. 'Convert and be fed' mentalities.

Now the time of reckoning is dawning. The failure
of institutionalised religious orgs to live up to
the concepts and standards of 'what they preach'
is clearly becoming indisputably visible to humanity.

It has created a cynicism, a doubtfulness, within
the people and has thus served the opposite
purpose which these 'religious orgs' claim
to espouse. In such a scenario, survival is
not possible. It has created a cynicism that results
in the lessening of people's understanding about
who or what God, 'The Oneness', really is.

Please note:

No payment is necessary to be a recipient of
'the lovingness'.

Unconditional love is what it says it is!!

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