Sunday, June 21, 2009

The dawning of the age

For the pessimists amongst us, I have some good news

that should make you happy! Perhaps I should re-phrase

that: for the pessimists amongst us I have some bad news

that can make you even more unhappy!

I’m sure I cannot be the only one who has noticed an amazing

sequence of changes in the world.

Just look at a few events and consider what massive shift is

taking place.

1. A highly unexpected Presidential election result in the USA that is re-shaping world politics

2. A profound shift away from extremist-led politics

in Indonesia

3. A powerful movement to separate church and state in Iran

4. The recognition that warfare is not a means of solving problems

5.The rejection of terrorism as a means of achieving politico-religious ends

All these events within this past few months. It is as though

the world is waking up to a NEW ORDER. A period in the

history of humankind when the criteria of existence are being


Capitalism,communism,theocratic government are all being

shown to be inadequate as vehicles to express the

aspirations of the human soul.

This is the true dawning of the Age of One-ness. The age

in the history of humanity when we begin to recognize fully

our inter-dependence and act out the creed of love that

defines itself by mutual respect and co-operation.

Enlightenment is dawning on the horizon of history.

what a state we're in,huh???

as if it were some unseen scriptwriter, adding to my last post, Richard Cohen of NYT reported from Tehran on saturday as follows:free_Islam

Errrmmm, is this a translation problem? An interpretation problem?  Ah, no, it's that usual problem of conflicting interests that occurs between the 'politics of religion' and the 'practice of faith'.

And to think that it is written in the Koran: "Let there be no compunction in religion".  I suppose the next thing we'll hear is that it's ok to 'kill these apostates".  Yet another thing that is strictly forbidden in the Koran and true Islam. 


But hey, what's the truth got to do with it?