Saturday, October 13, 2001

Saturday 13th October 2001 11.40 CET
So it's been a week of continuing PC frustrations, attempting to
recover crashed hdd data. Which to recover first, what priorities to
enforce? Do I simply seek records from the last few years, email,
letters, faxes, etc. or do I seek programs I regarded as invaluable,
the little taskbar/prog launcher, the XnViewer, etc.

Amazing how we tend to list priorities accepting a principle of
'exclusion' , existentialist philosophies - the either/or scenario -
permeate our progress.

So, as the autumn prioritising of shedding continues, one can be
tolerated for wondering whether a process of selective exclusion
applies with the trees and their leaves. Or whether such an issue
is irrelevant, since the outcome of all this action is known - a
changing of form and purpose that returns the created to a
re-creating process. The 'Oneness' recycles everything. There
are, therefore, no exclusive/inclusive priorities - for all cause and
effect has it's relevance and meaning within the symmetry of
'the Oneness'.

Now this is also extremely topical. Having just read an article
about the 'Children of USA helping the Children of Afganistan'
Presidentially-sponsored initiative I was somewhat amazed to
see that it is already coming in for some criticism from those
who say "'why help them when we have kids of our own that need
helping?". It is as though one excludes the other instead of both
being an integral part of the whole.

Some are also utilising a criticism of cynical use of kids in
propaganda as being the cause of this 'scheme'. So it appears
leading Politicians cannot also have compassionate hearts, for if
they do then we must immediately suspect the motive, exclude or
include the concept.

Kids helping kids is the most natural thing in the world. Watch them
at play, watch them share their energies with each other (I believe
it is called social bonding skills). Do it on an international scale
- kind of international social bonding - and it is suddenly perceived by
some as being a cynical abuse!

Give out Love, Compassion, Integrity of Interdependence,
the many aspected inter-relation of Individuality that makes
the whole...and that's what you'll get back...
as Christ said 'tenfold, a hundredfold'. The Bhudda said similar. The Gita
says similar. Doubtless the Koran says similar.

'In the Oneness' what goes around comes around, huh?

Maybe it's time to recognise there is enough for all and sharing
what we have is not simply an action of faith in humanity but it
also becomes, in a current terminology, a fatwa. A 'holy' war
against want, against deprivation, against ignorance.

A dream? Hmmm... go to poorer countries in the world and see
how they live the 'dream', sharing what little they have. I have done.
India, Phillipines. I was amazed by the 'commonality of caring' and
felt that we in the west had lost something important. Maybe we
are starting, led by children, to find it again.

It's not a question of either/or, it's an issue of both. I want to save
most of what was on my harddisk - I wouldn't have had it there
if I hadn't wanted it. It is only a question of willingness and some
more 'work' (since my pc is my pleasure, how is it work?) to simply
do that. Re-create it all.

'In the Oneness' what goes around comes around, huh?

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Monday, October 08, 2001

Monday 8th October 2001 20-25 CET
Pyramidical Pines silhouette against a dusk-grey sky like supersized
static spinning tops. Bone-baring Birch trees scarcely acknowledging
their leaf-like flesh surrender to the ending of the autumn season by
carpetting the ground with decaying memories of spring and summer.

The air, moistened after the days hard rains, invites the misting earth
to metamorphose a geni here or a Marley there whilst two Red Deer
attentively listen to my approaching footsteps from a distance of about
200 meters. Wisely deciding that they have no wish to socialise, for this,
after all, is the hunting season here, they bouncily glide away across
the drop laden grasses of the field into the shadowed anonymity of
the nearby woodland.

If you listen very, very carefully you can hear the land counting sheep,
though this land in this area is not farmed in any way despite it's
incredible productivity as witnessed by the surging growth after
forest felling events. Sheep counting preludes sleep and the land
needs it's rest in accordance with the season's supervision.

Between the sighs of the gradually rising breeze the echoes
of summer voices, canoists, children playing,swimming groups
and the busy hammering of renovation recitations, flood the mind.

Such is normality here with time to spare for the pursuance of peace.
I wish the whole world could sense the miracle of this paradise, the
sensitivity of this creativity.

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