Friday, September 03, 2004

To the children of Beslan and of the world

Please forgive us,
that in our idea-crazed adulthood
we must cover you with blood:
that we must fight for 'nationhood'
or other hate-born idealog
that are not conceived in good
and cover you with blood:

Better that we never grew
and childlike thought that all was new,
friendships blossomed as we played,
for worse a world it is we've made
when all we offer, instead of food
is to cover you with blood.

Perhaps if we would really see
the value of your life-energy
we just might set aside our fears
and clear away our guilt-flooding tears
discard as irrelevant our grand ideas
and wipe away the terror blood,
so you could smile
and peaceful play......

Forgive us,
and through your injured inncocence
help show us the way.

Copywright Geoffrey Groom 3rd September 2004