Saturday, December 01, 2001

Friday 30th November 2001 23-00 CET
There are many people who like to believe, perhaps need to
believe, that one has to be in a particularly devout, meditative
or prayerful frame of mind in order to 'tune in' to the 'energy
flows'. As I keep observing, we are all individual aspects of
the 'Oneness' and therefore it is right that we each have our
own chosen methodology for expressing and impressing
the 'flow of lovingness'.

It takes billions of refracting raindrops to make a rainbow, huh?
Each one playing it's part in the magnificent whole.

These things being so it is not surprising that many folks look
to a 'spiritual leader' ( a preacher, Guru, priest, etc.) for
guidance - it is each person's individual 'tradition', desire and need
that dictates the manner of the walk.No walk is greater or lesser
than another - just as nor raindrop in the rainbow is greater or
lesser than another, huh?

Yet, it must also be observed, that there is a need, a requirement,
to try and be as open minded - open-souled - as possible. If we are
not we run the danger of missing out on so much beauty, so many
symbols of lovingness, by proceeding with simply a narrow view
of the interaction of the 'Oneness'.

So it is that clarification can come in many disguises: from
the actions of a simple, humble person in their open-hearted
willingness to express the 'lovingness'... to even the actions,
words and thoughts of the great and mighty.

Be we high or be we low, all we need is love...all we have
is love. In the final analysis, Love is all there is.

That seems to be the continuous core message throughout
history. Love, love, love.

The manifestations of love are manifestations of the 'Oneness'.
The concept is realised - real-ised - in this life experiencing.
It is given form, sensitised, refined, moderated and modulated
in every aspect of the 'cosmos'. Nor does it ever end, it is
a fully recyclable condition. Has there ever been anyone
you have loved and still do not love? A family member?
A friend? Even your first 'being in love' experience as a
teenager - you still remember it clearly, it always leaves
a profound imprint, huh? For the continuance of love is no
more and no less an affirmation of yourself, a statement of who
you are . And wasn't it...isn't amazing
incredible, mind-blowing experience..this awareness of the
potential within ourselves for the energy of the 'lovingness'
to permeate our existence?

In the knowledge that love never ever ever ends, we therefore
never lose anyone. Though, like the winter's snow, the body
may transform and recycle - the dust blow in new life energy
breezes, or grow the roots of new flowers and trees - the
'love energy' which surrounded the dust and which we call
'our self' is, always has been, always will be, an aspect
of the infinite lovingness I call the 'Oneness'. (This is not
an easy recognition for those who seemed determined to
believe in hells, damnations, devils...and stuff like that, huh?)

The 'Oneness' - super consciousness if you prefer that
terminology - God if you prefer that terminology - the
'Oneness' is everything and nothing. The supreme 'Am,
Am not' (both must exist for there to be a relativity).

Whether 'I am' or 'Am not' visible in the dusted form
that my spirit energy holds as my irrelevant
to my spiritual existence. It is, however, relevant, to
my experiencing within this life's realities and to the
experiencing of those with whom I am able to share
my 'lovingness' - the lovingness that travels through me.

So, today, we say goodbye to the dust that was
formed within the loving spiritual energies of a
truly wonderfully 'ordinary' person whose life demonstrated
my oft repeated 'mantra' that it is in the ordinary that the
extra-ordinary is found. A peace loving
person whose energies constructed melodies that
sang in the hearts of millions and millions and millions
of us. Melodies that enriched our life experiencing.

But, perhaps we shall we find to be a truism
about any we have ever loved...or who have loved us..
they never fully leave us.

Something in the way.....'he walked'.

See you... again.... George Harrison. Thanks for 'walking' with
us and sharing yourself with us. Thanks for all the melodies
you created in our life experiencings.

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Thursday, November 29, 2001

Thursday 29th November 2001 14-00 CET
I guess just about anyone that's ever been 'in love' knows the
problem of 'being in love with someone who doesn't love you'
World literature is littered with autumn-like carpets of
'unrequited love leaves'. Reading some of these, or watching
the movie versions, gives one mixed sensations of pity,
anger, confusion and, if you are fortunate never to have
first hand experience yourself, amazement and even amusement
at the absurdity of it.

One could reasonably assume, therefore, that the human race
would, by now, have learnt that love is not something that
'can be manipulated or forced'. No disciplined army training
type of thing, no indoctrination, brain-washing, legal
framework or social norm can cause a person to love another.
It just happens. It is there or not there.

With all this human history screaming it's message through
the ages it is all the more amazing that we continue to react towards
'the Oneness' as though 'the Oneness' were composed of the
same - or similar - attributes as we humans. We keep 'inventing'
human characteristics for 'the Oneness'. I call this

Yet, with unbelievable regularity and repetition, leaders and
'opinion-influencers' of seemingly all the 'major religions' keep
pushing the same message......"do this, do that, do the other,
do not do this, do not do that, do not do the other.- Dress like this,
don't dress like that. Eat this, don't eat that. Think this don't think that"
and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on.......etc.

In some areas of the world this 'humanenting' actually KILLS people.
It's intolerance breeds hatred/jealousy/envy. It's intolerance breeds
prejudice (40 million diagnosed/estimated to suffer from HIV/Aids...
and religions can be prejudiced about it??? It's unbelievable! In the
face of the biggest threat to the continuance of the species....
religious prejudice rules,OK???)

Humanenting gives rise to events like the WTC tragedy - for such is the
'lack of faith' that some actually believe it is their 'God given duty'
to protect God; that is to say to 'control God or perceptions of
God to suit their own private power agendas'. They then carry out
this 'agenda' enthused by the absolute opposite of love - hatred,
daring to call their actions 'the work of the faithful'. Oh, how we
have such a capacity for justification of our every non-loving

UNCONDITIONAL love means exactly what it says. It does not
rely on humanenting - human perceptions of what unlimited,
unrestricted,unrewarded, unrecognised,unintelligible love
actually is.

The 'lovingness' of the 'Oneness' requires neither your obedience,
recognition, or acceptance. If you think otherwise then you
delude yourself. You 'humanent'. The 'Oneness' is Unconditional
Love....and by His/Her/It's own definition can be nothing else.

This 'lovingness' is in no way dependent upon you -no action you
take (or don't take), no worship you offer (or don't offer), no
sacrifice you make (or don't make...remember Abraham?), no
code of living you have (or don't have), etc.etc..... can be used
as a tool to 'bribe' the lovingness of the 'Oneness'.

The 'Oneness' requires you only to be the best 'loving YOU' you
can be,and how can you be otherwise in the final analysis? For the
'end game' is simple...from love you came into this reality and to
love you shall return..into the fullest reality of the 'lovingness'
The individuality of your existence is not a curse (except to
control structured conformity), it is the blossoming of the
flower of 'lovingness' - for your 'individuality is, and always has
been and always will be, an aspecting of the 'lovingness' of the

It is a fact of spiritual life!!!! The unconditionality of the 'lovingness'

Unrequited love is the state of loving another who does not love
you back. It's a 'human condition''s not a condition of
the 'lovingness' of the 'Oneness'.

You are loved. You will always be loved. Always and in
all ways.

The 'Oneness' does not need revenge, judgement, devils, hells,
rejections, excommunications, or any of that stuff. If you think
that it does, then you 'humanent'.

The great joy of love is when one discovers one's own
capacity for it and that one can also give it unconditionally.
Does the apple blossom choose who may see it's incredible
form and beauty - or who may sense it's delicate perfume?
Are you not more than an apple blossom petal?
When one discovers the wonder, the incredible beauty
of the power of unconditional LOVE, a power that changes
one's perception of this life's discover a
power that changes your perception of who you really are :):)
In that moment your awareness, your consciousness, of who
you really are expands exponentially into the fullness of
'the lovingness', you become a 'self recognised aspect'
of the 'Oneness'. An integral and inseperable aspect.

It is not something to be studied. It is not something to
be learnt. It is not something to be prayed about or
meditated upon. It's not a catechism or ritual or discipline.
It is just something to be done, to be experienced.
We all come into this life experience knowing all there
is to know, spiritually, about unconditional love.
Then we are taught..and learn..about conditional love.
When you become aware that most of your 'thoughts'
are other people's 'thoughts' that have been 'injected
into you'.....then you start to want to be yourself!
The real 'self', the individual self that is an aspect
of 'the Oneness'. The self that simply desires to materialise
in this 'experiencing reality we call life', every possible
aspect of unconditional love.

Do it once, take the'll find you can't stop
doing it, hehehehehehe

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Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Tuesday 27th November 2001 15-40 CET
More Coincidences
On 6th November I wrote about coincidences. Well today I was reading one
of my favourite things on the web...Alastair Cooke's "Letter from America"
which is found on the BBC website (
under world news section. Alastair Cooke is, I believe, in his early 90's now and has the
enviable record of the longest radio show...over 50 years now I think.
More especially, he is a very knowledgeable person and has been
'well connected' for a long time. He was asked to reprint the following
account of the 'Kennedy coincidences'..and added a little more:

"Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846, Kennedy exactly one hundred years later in 1946.
Lincoln was elected president in November 1860, Kennedy in November 1960.
Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy who urged him not to go to the theatre.
Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln who advised against his going to Dallas.
Booth shot Lincoln in a theatre and ran off into a warehouse. Oswald shot Kennedy from a
warehouse and ran off into a theatre. Lincoln was succeeded by a Southerner named Johnson.
Kennedy was succeeded by a Southerner named Johnson. The first Johnson was born
in 1808, the second in 1908.

Well no soothsayer has helped (to explain these 'coincidences').
I have, however, a favourite theologian - my only favourite theologian - Dr Frederick Buechner.
He has written, among many books, a small book called An Alphabet of Grace - his ideas
about the pervasion of what he calls the grace of God are wide and ranging, funny and imagination
and may amuse or enlighten the irreligious as well as the devout. Under C we find "coincidence".
Here it is."I see in a letter the name of a woman I haven't seen or thought of for 20 years,
next morning I run into her in a grocery store in our town.
"I look out the window, a solitary car passes, its licence plate combines my initials
and those of my wife. We chuckle. "Perhaps somebody is saying, 'Stay the course'.
Somebody may keep reminding you that they have you in mind."

Alastair Cooke: Letter from America: BBC website: 27th November 2001

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Sunday, November 25, 2001

Saturday 24th November 2001 22-30 CET
Been to a party recently? Did you 'circulate'? Notice how when you
were introduced to people, or they to you, it was usually "Hi George, this
is Frank, he's an accountant" or "Hi, how are you? What do you do for
a living?".

You know the sort of thing, huh?

Fifty years ago when people did not have quite the economic freedoms
we have in the west today, what a man - or woman - did for their job
actually had little bearing on what sort of a person they were. They did
their job for the economic necessity of it.
Today, we have much more choice, much more freedom to 'develop our
inner potential", yet even that is not necessarily an indicator of why
someone does the job they do. For example, Frank - the accountant -
may simply be a very steady, home-loving guy who believes in the
preciousness of family. He may be bored to tears with his job as
an accountant - pushing figures across pages - but wants a 'steady
secure scenario' so his wife and children can benefit to the utmost
from his sense of security and balance (hmmm. excuse the pun, hehehe).
Of course, Frank could also be a real fantasy - his work is just a cover
for the fact that he's so arrogant and self-assured - he's embezzling
millions from his clients. (With apologies to any Franks who may be
reading this, as frank is just an 'example' name for this illustration)

Knowing what a person does hardly tells us anything about who the
person is. Huh? There are other aspects, qualities that tell us much more.
Honesty, integrity, warmth of personality...such things as these.

Maybe you would know much more about the 'Frank' above if
you were one of his clients. You would 'know him' better...know the
other aspects of his existence that make him who he really is. The fact
that he won't cheat on you, for example. Or Jack the policeman, the fact that
he's never impatient or unfair, he never treats anyone any different from another

Spiritually speaking, we do not define ourselves by what we it teacher,
preacher, guru, disciple, etc.etc. We are defined by what we are not! We define
ourselves by what we are not, huh?

At the WTC there were many, many professionals - firemen, police,
rescue service personnel, Office workers, tradesmen and women,
many who simply could not stand idly by and watch their fellow human beings
suffer. Their first instinct, spiritual motivation, was to help and try to save others
....because they were not people who could live with themselves if they did
not do so. They could not love themselves if that love did not reach out
to others.

The terrorists who perpetrated this 'offence against humanity' were not
merciful, were not humane, were not loving. There are some that may
applaud their 'dedication', some that may think them' courageous', some that
may feel that such actions served some noble purpose...yet no purpose
can be noble that speaks of hatred.

We define ourselves by what we are not.....not by what we appear to be.

Furthermore, we can re-define ourselves at every single moment of this
life's experiencing thus enlarging our own spiritual self-awareness.

It is the enigma of the spiritual life and the 'life experiencing reality of
this existing'. There is far more of the iceberg hidden than is seen....
and it starts to be seen as life's experiences recycle the ice into
an ocean of lovingness.

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