Friday, February 15, 2002

15th February 2002 00-25 CET
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14th February 2002 23-45 CET

Truth is not something to be believed...

but something to be accepted

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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

12 February 2002 23-15 CET
Hooking Up
Human Beings, being 'social creatures', often tend to 'group'
or 'bond' in associations/peer groups/relationships out of a
need to assert their 'social characteristics'...or even simply
out of a need to feel they 'belong' somewhere.

In it's most accute form this aspect of human psychology
can be simply a statement of profound loneliness, lack of
self identity or sense of low self worth.

So it is that manifestations of this 'characteristic' become
most noticeable in one of two catagories: amongst teenagers
seeking self identity or amongst the middle aged who have either
lost their sense of self identity or perhaps never even found it.

This trend is easily visible within almost every aspect of social
interraction, be it school, college, University or at the other end
of the scale, religious institutions, political organisations and
at the far extreme, terrorist organisations. Most of these
arenas offer a methodology of social recognition and, consequently,
a degree of self-esteem.

A terminology that is current and that illustrates a 'non too
committed' expression of this socialising/self identity aspect
of the human psyche, is this term 'hooking up'. A term that
relates, more especially , to expressions of sexuality that are
often hyper aroused by an alcohol/drug abuse environment.
Whatever is failing in a society, whatever is most vulnerable
to change...and therefore, hopefully, progress, is always...always
first illuminated by the excesses demonstrated within the youth
of a society. If any hypocrisy exists, and contradiction between
law and practice, morality and expediency - every modern society
can depend upon it's youth to highlight the inherent absurdities
of the position.

That is great...but it also does not come without cost!! Progress,
advancement, social awareness, seems always, throughout the
ages, to have been at the cost of so much misery for the young.
Thankfully it seems that the days when the young were simply
'canon fodder' have now disappeared (with the exception of a
few states in the world where even 'child soldiers' of 8, 9 and 10
years old are indoctrinated to commit horrendous deeds).
The disenchantment with long established institutions and religions,
and the consequent failure of these orgs to be of any relevance,
is a result of them sowing the seeds of their own destruction
within themselves. "You can fool some of the people all of the
time, all of the people some of the time...but never all of the people
all of the time", huh?

Nowadays it seems the cost of the failure of these orgs can be
measured by the rise in 'lost self esteem' within our young. They,
apparently, seek 'arousal expression' in methodologies that are
not only statements of distrust and disbelief in those 'old orgs', but
are also as dangereous and destructive as were the trenches of
the Somme!!

Hiding in 'fundamentalism' is as much an escape as cocaine.
Hiding in irresponsibility (to self) is as lethal as alcohol poisoning.
Hiding in the emotional feel good factor of 'New Age' philosophies
and creeds is as brain damaging as Ectstasy.

If we must 'hook up', if we must really try to find the most amazing
'high' available in this life, if we really seek self identity and
recognition amongst our peer group for who and what we are......
then let's understand one simple, basic, essential law....
we only find it within when we truly find ourselves.

Only when we fully, totally, completely comprehend the
phenomenal beauty of just how amazing each individual is
in the total scheme of 'The Oneness'......only then are we
truly 'hooked up', connected, online, kewl!

Only when we see ourselves, respect our own individual
standards, reflect our self-esteem in our caring for and respect
towards ourself and others...........only then are we truly,
amazingly, astoundingly, on the highest 'high' life can offer...
'hooked up' and super conscious to the 'lovingness' that is

Hey, when you love yourself it's easy to love others. Hey,
when you are 'in touch' with your inner self you are always
'in touch' with others. It cannot be otherwise, for to really
know one's self is to know 'The Oneness' of which we are
all a part..interconnected, inter-related, inter-netted!!

Oh, way2go Ross, Danny and JJ :):)

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