Sunday, November 25, 2001

Saturday 24th November 2001 22-30 CET
Been to a party recently? Did you 'circulate'? Notice how when you
were introduced to people, or they to you, it was usually "Hi George, this
is Frank, he's an accountant" or "Hi, how are you? What do you do for
a living?".

You know the sort of thing, huh?

Fifty years ago when people did not have quite the economic freedoms
we have in the west today, what a man - or woman - did for their job
actually had little bearing on what sort of a person they were. They did
their job for the economic necessity of it.
Today, we have much more choice, much more freedom to 'develop our
inner potential", yet even that is not necessarily an indicator of why
someone does the job they do. For example, Frank - the accountant -
may simply be a very steady, home-loving guy who believes in the
preciousness of family. He may be bored to tears with his job as
an accountant - pushing figures across pages - but wants a 'steady
secure scenario' so his wife and children can benefit to the utmost
from his sense of security and balance (hmmm. excuse the pun, hehehe).
Of course, Frank could also be a real fantasy - his work is just a cover
for the fact that he's so arrogant and self-assured - he's embezzling
millions from his clients. (With apologies to any Franks who may be
reading this, as frank is just an 'example' name for this illustration)

Knowing what a person does hardly tells us anything about who the
person is. Huh? There are other aspects, qualities that tell us much more.
Honesty, integrity, warmth of personality...such things as these.

Maybe you would know much more about the 'Frank' above if
you were one of his clients. You would 'know him' better...know the
other aspects of his existence that make him who he really is. The fact
that he won't cheat on you, for example. Or Jack the policeman, the fact that
he's never impatient or unfair, he never treats anyone any different from another

Spiritually speaking, we do not define ourselves by what we it teacher,
preacher, guru, disciple, etc.etc. We are defined by what we are not! We define
ourselves by what we are not, huh?

At the WTC there were many, many professionals - firemen, police,
rescue service personnel, Office workers, tradesmen and women,
many who simply could not stand idly by and watch their fellow human beings
suffer. Their first instinct, spiritual motivation, was to help and try to save others
....because they were not people who could live with themselves if they did
not do so. They could not love themselves if that love did not reach out
to others.

The terrorists who perpetrated this 'offence against humanity' were not
merciful, were not humane, were not loving. There are some that may
applaud their 'dedication', some that may think them' courageous', some that
may feel that such actions served some noble purpose...yet no purpose
can be noble that speaks of hatred.

We define ourselves by what we are not.....not by what we appear to be.

Furthermore, we can re-define ourselves at every single moment of this
life's experiencing thus enlarging our own spiritual self-awareness.

It is the enigma of the spiritual life and the 'life experiencing reality of
this existing'. There is far more of the iceberg hidden than is seen....
and it starts to be seen as life's experiences recycle the ice into
an ocean of lovingness.

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