Friday, December 28, 2001

28th December 2001 13-10 CET
Lemmings or Gods?
One of life's greatest spiritual challenges is to try and show love,
tolerance, respect even to those who do not show it to others.

If we fail to do this are we not the same?

If we allow anger and hatred to rule our thoughts have we not
also become terrorists? Have we not also become that which
we disliked in the other?

It may well be that humanity will seek to dash headlong, like
lemmings, over the cliff of rationality and lovingness and into
the chasm of self destruction.....hmmm.. but, somehow, I do not
feel so.

"Throughout history there have been tyrants and they seem
to conquer and rule. But history shows they always, always fall.
Remember that when you doubt the way of Love. Always."

As has been seen In America with the proposals by the
Attorney General to change the balance of legality/principle
in respect of courts/trials for terrorists...when we are faced
with horrendous insult and injury to that which we hold
precious, in what way do we preserve the preciousness
by sacrificing it in the name of expediency?

It is in the moment of being 'attacked' that we define ourselves,
our principles, our lovingness. When that which is the basis of
our civilisation comes under gruesome challenge...that is the
moment when we most have the opportunity to place into
this reality those spiritual concepts.

Assaulted by a ceaseless barrage of claim and counter claim,
outrage and horror, it is easy to revert to 'old habits of

It has been well said that the greatest violence is poverty.
In what way, therefore, does the use of resource to wage
war enrich the ordinary people? Rather it performs
'the violence of poverty' against those very persons
it is claimed that war will protect. Ha! What a myth!
What a fairy tale!

Perhaps if we had spent more time, energy and resource
caring for each other, sharing with each other...perhaps
the malaria-like breeding grounds of injustice, inequality,
and deprivation would not have given birth to a plague
of terrorism.

It has also been said that the best form of defence is attack.

I say the best form of attack is compassion! This holds
the highest potential for the realisation of a fair, just and
enriched world. Rather than expending energy destroying,
is it really...really..beyond our capability to expend it in creating?

Is it not clear to all by now...that if we do not share then our
aspirations to justice, equality, freedom are simply dust
blown in a wind of chance?

And what is it I would have us share? Possessions? Hah!
We always do after we are dead, huh? Principles? Hah!
Such sharing has littered history with the bones of the innocent.
Freedom? Hah! Freedom is not a dream nor an idealogy. Freedom
is the song of a loving heart that it cannot resist singing.

There is only one thing we have. Only one thing with which we
come into this life and leave this life. There is only one thing
that holds us in this creativity.......and one thing that holds
us in eternity.....
Only one thing we can claim as our own....and only then when
we give it away......

UNconditional LOVE.

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