Monday, December 03, 2001

Sunday 2nd December 2001 23-30 CET
We do so love to be organised, plan things out, schedule our lives.
It reassures us to feel that we 'are in control'. That's fair enough,
in many ways...especially spiritually...we are in control. In reality,
(well in this reality we call 'the life experience'), even when we
are surrounded by chaos...when life seems to bear down upon us
with a million problems...when our emotions are torn and
bleeding from the sheer stress of 'trying to hang in there'..we
are far more in control than we can consciously acknowledge.

The 'chaos' is a means of experiencing, huh?

So let's just examine this 'chaos' for a moment or two.
Generally speaking 'chaos' is the pre-condition to creativity.
If an artist sees only one image on a canvas, if a musician
only hears one tune in his/her head, if we only can perceive
one scenario in our conscious state....our subconscious
quickly alerts us to a mass of other possibilities - in dreams,
day-dreams, angst, and a lot of other methodologies.

Soon our 'single minded perception' fragments under a
burden of 'chaotic conceptualities'. The underlying scenario,
the deep inner awareness, is fairly simple actually. We are
challenged by a life circumstance to accept a situation which
we find unacceptable. That's the opening of the door for
the force of chaos to enter in. Yet, go a little deeper and
you soon find that most, if not all, of the chaos is
'self generated'.

You see, I am a committed believer in the concept that,
at least on a personal life level, a problem is simply a
solution awaiting it's time of birth. We set our sub-conscious
a problem and it's starts - like some super-computer generating
terrabytes of data - permutating possibilities. Indeed, most of
this 'chaotic broadbanded activity' is actually occurring before
we have consciously recognised any problem. By the time
we start acknowledging a problem consciously, the creative
chaos is already well advanced within us. It's like our
sub-c was aware of a potential problem long before we
were consciously aware of it, huh?

Chaos is the pre-condition for creativity! Creativity is our
natural 'in the Oneness' state. We all are incredibly productive
'creation machines'. We are producing, all the time and in
in amazing ways, scenarios that enable our wider experiencing
of the: realisation of concepts : the sensing of materialised
experiencing : methodologies by which we define who we are
and thus enable ourselves to see ourselves - know who and
what we are.

'Chaos' is the raw material of creativity. 'Chaos' is the 'mud of
materialisation'. 'Chaos' - mental, emotional, psychological,-
is the first indicator that we are busy creating!!!!

Chaos is not a is THE blessing :):)

So let's not get swept away by the storms of 'chaos' that
we seem to observe occurring within us as we struggle to
find a methodology of 'acceptance' of a specific life scenario.
Simply trust the your own innermost motivations.
Trust that you only have a 'problem' because you are a 'spiritual
entity that is seeking to experience concepts- concepts you already
knew before you came into this life's walk - in a material environment. are seeking to be what you know you are...and to experience the
being instead of just the knowing.'

Next time you feel pressured...stressed....uncomfortable with a life
scenario....lacking in self confidence........
trust the chaotic feelings that are whirling around inside of you.
That is a wind of creative change that will manifest itself in a
scenario that will permit you to modify, adjust to, moderate or
accept that circumstance which first created the awareness
of a problem within you. We can 'create a way out of any

Chaos gives birth to creativity: through that creativity we define
ourselves. Problems are simply solutions awaiting their time of birth.
If we can perceive a problem consciously, we are already working with
it subconsciously and spiritually. We must be, or we couldn't perceive it.
You don't have a problem unless and until you recognise you have a
problem, huh? The methodolgies for resolving problems are as
innumerable as raindrops...and like snowflakes, each one is

"Inner chaos" is not an enemy...rather it is a welcome and precious
friend. When you cannot find chaos inside anymore, you have
ceased to be willing to experiment with the 'life experiencing'.

The chaos is simply a mechanism for allowing you to be you...
and to know yourself better :):)

Hmmm..and on a totally different subject...I am told that the
human body is over 80% how come we can stand up?
Or how come, when we go swimming,...............heehehehehehe :)

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