Wednesday, January 02, 2002

1st January 200...?...2 23-30 CET
Tempus fugits..sometimes
There are times in life when the simple, straightforward
expressions of togetherness, belonging, are incredibly
joyful celebrations of what life is actually about.

Christmas and New Year are such times for us in the west.

There is time for unpacking gifts, time for sharing with family
and friends..time......time to sit in quiet contemplation of
celebrations past, of persons lovingly remembered that no
longer share the physical present with us.

In an apparent forest isolation that is my present life
circumstance...a scenario that I think must have astounded
my friends and family...I am so richly blessed with the
opportunities to 'take time' taste the luxury of every
memory of being so many over such a long period.

So now I always follow a little 'tradition' on New Year's Eve.
I come in through the front door of the house bringing with
me the *New Year* and welcoming it to our home...inviting
peace and increasing self-knowledge to accompany it as
welcome guests. Then I go out through the back door of the
house, letting out the 'old year', but not before I have thanked
it for all the blessings it brought and for all the lovingness it gave.

There is never a year that does not come with blessings. Never
a year that has come without it's close companion..lovingness.
Never a year that I am not deeply thankful that I travelled into
this experiencing existence called life and came into a place where
I was so greatly blessed with the lovingness expressing through
a wonderful..and

The Aunts, Uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, brother, sisters in law,
my Mother, my parents-in-law, my wife...all who through
their experiencing allowed me to express who I am....and despite that,
or just maybe because of that, were still able to love me.

I do not think that any of them taught me 'love'......but I am so very
sure that they all helped me to understand the importance of
sharing 'love'.

For a life that nearly did not exist at life has been so
profoundly, immeasurably, incredibly---even enigmatically..
illuminated by the sunbeams of lovingness.

I do so hope yours has too.

It's a new day, a New Year.............another opportunity to
find the blessings, count them, bathe in them, be absorbed
by them...shine with them :):)

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