Saturday, February 23, 2002

23rd February 2002 10-00 CET
Superglue - postscript
Sometimes I simply write 'what is in my heart' to
write. Afterwards I often wonder 'where did that come
from?", or even if I have the right to 'inflict' my feelings
on others.

Almost always, without fail, when I go into this
introspective self-critical phase, something happens
- one of those 'coincidences' I have spoken about
earlier in this blog.

So I wrote 'superglue' - and today whilst surfing
I came across, was led to, the following quotation
which, out of all the many pages I surfed, hit me
'on the forehead' so to speak.

"People aren't "made" by themselves or by anyone
else: they are released to be what they always were
but had never known they were"

(Archibald MacLeish speaking of Eleanor Roosevelt)

It seemed appropriate to my 'superglue' blog.

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