Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Wednesday 6th February 2002 21-00 CET
Now I am starting to get more into my 'normal' routines
after my travels and the catching up that an absence of a
few weeks creates. This is not a complaint, simply an
observation, for travelling (especially when it permits
the making of new friends) is a marvellous thing to do.

It's also nice to come back home :) To find the stillness
again. To be in the quietness again. To visit places like
New Delhi or airports like Charles de Gaulle in Paris is
exciting, challenging and stimulating.

That which is most meaningful is often seen clearer at a
distance. Transcendental meditation is founded on this
principle (as opposed to intramundane meditation). Rising
above the normality of existing and looking down upon it
allows for much more of the beauty of the lovingness to
be observed than is usual from a more involved stance.

Being in the quietness of my home, however, allows time
for all the marvellous experiences, all the incredible moments
with new people, to be absorbed and integrated in a manner
that the noise and energy of large cities hardly permits. For
I can view these experiences 'from a distance' and see the wonder
of them all.

Good food should never be eaten in a hurry, so it is with
good life experiences. They need to be savoured, the subleties
and nuances tasted in the soul. Only then can their true flavour,
the richness of their quality, be adequately discerned.

Fast food is ok...and I quite like burgers, hehehehe......but a meal
taken in a meditative manner, absorbed by and given attention to
with the whole person,that's a whole different type of enjoyment.

Loving. Friendship. Caring...these are meals of experiencing that
require time........require stillness from the hectic daily activities.
Only then can the full miracle, the full extraordinary qualities of
these seemingly ordinary fully digested in all their

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