Tuesday, October 05, 2004

IA has written to me asking "how do you have access
to your inner world?"

Hmmmm... It's all around me, every moment,
carressing my senses. It is not possible for me to ignore
unless my consciousness desires to ignore in order
that I may have 'fullness of experiencing'.

Perhaps I should explain a little, huh?

"In The Oneness" means simply that I am a part of
the Oneness of all things. It follows,then, that all things
are a part of me. The tree, the lake, the bird, the snake,
the clouds, death shrouds, the raindrop,hip-hop.God,
love. Whatever it is, I am a part of it and it cannot be
apart from me.

Secreted,hidden, in my "spiritual dna" is a code of
consciousness that is a list of url's to every aspect of
created existence. There is a soul-gene of awareness of
the immortality of the Spirit and the understanding that
each life walk is an expression of experiencing the
universal spiritual truths. "The process of the pathway".

In order to experience in fullness, we approach the
event (and all life is a sequence of events), in an
'unawareness in consciousness state'. Thus we can
fully experience the experience - and do. Yet, we
retain an intuitive spiritual knowingness in the face of
each realised event. An 'amygdala archive'

The 'spiritual knowingness' is the 'concept', the
experiencing is the creating, manifesting of the spiritual
concept into an 'awareness awakening reality'.

WYSIWYG. What you sense is what you get! The relativity
is dependant upon the position of your objectivity, the
stance of your subjectivity.

If you start from the basis of One-ness, all that you see,
hear, touch, sense - all - all is a symbiotic expression
of the lovingness.

The question of inner versus outer does not,
therefore, exist. It is an illusion. It is an intellectualised
polarity, an existentialised theorem of 'either/or', a
ritualised railtrack on a journey into someone else's
subjective understandings. Hence there are neither
Masters nor pupils, Guru's nor disciples. You 'know'
what I 'know'. Whether, at any given moment, our
spirit chooses to manifest it within our
consciousness is a different matter. For each
soul has it's own unique agenda of exploring
the facets of lovingness.

To see the lovingness of 'The Oneness' in the
extraordinary things of life is not extraordinary. To
be able to see the lovingness in the ordinary things of life;
that is mind-blowingly,emotion-erupptingly, spiritually-
bigbangingly extraordinary.

In a sense we have not 'come from the Oneness',
nor do we 'return to the Oneness'. We, and all that
exists, has existed, will exist, are expressions, aspects
of 'The Oneness'.

Inner and outer are 'relative terms', opposing polarities,
which exist in 'the process of the pathway' only so that
'The Oneness' may continue to express, in every possible
form and system, the extent of 'the lovingness'.

It's the simplicity of it all that is so amazing.

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